Hundreds evacuated, two hospitalised after gas leak in Goa

Authorities asked hundreds of people to evacuate as a gas tanker overturned on the Vasco-Panaji highway
Image Source: PTI

A tanker carrying ammonia overturned on the highway connecting Vasco City to Panaji. At least two women were taken to the hospital as they complained of breathlessness on January 19. Hundreds of people in Chicalim village, Goa were evacuated from their homes.

As per PTI, the incident took place at 2:45 am. The tanker was carrying ammonia gas from Mormugao Port Trust to Zuari Industries Limited. As it overturned, gas started leaking.

Mahadev Arondekar, deputy collector, said, “The disaster response teams were sent to the site immediately while police and fire and emergency service personnels were asked to wake up the people and evacuate the entire area.”

According to the Scroll, the police have asked people in the nearby areas to put masks or wet cloths on their mouths. Further, they have diverted highway traffic to other roads.

PTI reported that Nolasco Raposo, Vasco police inspector told that he had approached the safety officer at Zuari Industries factory as soon as he came to know about the leak. “A rescue team was sent to the site to tackle the situation,” said Raposo.

A few kilometres from Goa’s Dabolim Airport, the area housed around 300 houses.

Sources: Scroll, Indian Express

Blood test able to detect 8 forms of cancer could be available soon

The trial vaccine has been tried on 1,000 cancer patients by researchers
One of the biggest revolutions in medicine may just have begun. Scientists and researchers have took the step forward in introducing a vaccine that can detect more than 8 common forms of cancer.
The UK experts at John Hopkins University have reportedly said that this news is “enormously exciting.” According to the team this is just the beginning. The vaccine also needs to be researched well on its effectiveness in detecting early stages of cancer.
A trial was conducted on over 1,000 cancer patients and the vaccine detected various forms of cancer in ovary, liver, stomach, esophagus, breast, lung, colon or pancreas. This covered close to 70% of the kind of cancers. “I think this can have an enormous impact on cancer immortality,” said Dr. Cristian Tomasetti from John Hopkins University of Medicine. The test is meant to be sensitive to mutated DNA that floats in blood and also to cancer related proteins.
“This is of massive potential,” says the highly motivated team leader Dr. Gerd Attard at Center of Evolution and Cancer at the institute of Cancer Research at London.
Sources: abc, bbc

Anandiben Patel appointed as governor of Madhya Pradesh

Image Courtesy: ANI
Former Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel to be the next Madhya Pradesh Governor.

New Delhi, January 19:  Anandiben Patel has been appointed as the governor of Madhya Pradesh. The former Gujarat Chief Minister has replaced Om Prakash Kohli, who additionally held the charge of the office of governor of MP along with the office of governor of Gujarat.

The announcement was made by the official Twitter handle of the President of India.

Patel assumed office of the Chief Minister of Gujarat following Narendra Modi’s election as the India’s Prime Minister. She became the first woman to take charge as Gujarat’s Chief Minister. In 2016, she resigned from her post citing overage reasons.

However, there were speculations that her handling of the Patidar reservation agitations and Dalit protests led to her resignation. She was replaced by Vijay Rupani, who is considered to be her rival in Gujarat politics. She did not contest in the recently concluded Gujarat polls, citing her age to be the rationale.

She is the second Gujarat Minister from the BJP to be appointed as the governor of a state, after Vajubhai Vala, the present governor of Karnataka.

Madhya Pradesh elections are scheduled for later this year. Her appointment as the governor of the state is being seen strategic, keeping the forthcoming polls in mind.


Sources: The Hindu, The Indian Express

Indian Navy’s first all-women crew crosses Cape Horn

Image Courtesy: Indian Navy
Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had flagged off the 56-foot vessel from Goa on September 10.

Cape Horn (Chile), January 19:  On 19th January, 2018 the first all-women crew of Indian Navy successfully crossed the notoriously rough Drake Passage, and rounded Cape Horn off the Southern tip of South America, often called the Mount Everest of sailing.

Congratulating the team, the Prime Minister tweeted, “Wonderful news! Delighted that INSV Tarini has rounded Cape Horn in the last few hours. We are extremely proud of their accomplishments.”

The six-member crew of Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSV) Tarini, was flagged-off from Goa on 10th September last year by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. The team led by Lieutenant Commander Vartika Joshi, was trained in the Ocean Sailing Node at Goa. They are also involved in the collection of meteorological, ocean and wave data as well as monitoring marine pollution during the course of their journey.

The four scheduled stop points of the five-leg expedition are: Fremantle in Australia, Lyttelton, Port Stanley and Cape Town. The 56-foot vessel reached Lyttelton in New Zealand early last month after their first stop in Australia. Titled ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’, the expedition is in line with the national policy to empower women to attain their full potential and aims to showcase ‘Nari Shakti’ on a global platform. They are expected to return to Goa in April, 2018.


Source: NDTV, DNA India


Kathputli demolition cause irreparable loss to Students

Image Courtesy: ANI
Delhi High Court reprimanded Delhi Development Authority and Raheja Developers for irresponsible handling of Kathputli Colony demolition.

New Delhi, January 19:  The Delhi High Court on 18th January reprimanded Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and Raheja Developers Limited for the irresponsible way in which the Kathputli Colony demolition was carried out.

It was during the hearing of a PIL filed against the demolition that the court noted that an irreparable loss had been caused to the students of class X and XII, who were forced to move to transit camps along with their families following the demolition.

The bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar warned the authorities of stringent action if in the future they were to conduct demolition drives at a crucial time when students’ exams are approaching. It further directed the AAP government and its transport department to ensure availability of facilities, including transportation to these children and asked it to take immediate steps on the matter.

The Delhi government’s standing counsel Satyakam assured the bench that these problems would be addressed immediately. Responding to the concern raised by the court observers regarding the provision of an adequate and efficient public transportation facility enabling those resettled in Narela to reach their work place on time, it said that a bus facility will be started to take them to Shadipur Depot. It also added that those displaced could access the Public Distribution System by changing their address through online facility.

Home to a large number of puppeteers, magicians, singers and musicians, the Kathputli Colony in West Delhi, spreads over an area of around 14 acres. Despite all resistance against the redevelopment project announced in 2009, DDA evicted the residents of the colony and flattened 400 houses during October – November in 2017.


Sources: The Quint, The Hindu

AAP MLAs refused interim relief by Delhi HC

Image Courtesy: ANI
AAP leader Saurabh Bharadwaj talks to the press about the HC ruling which can be considered as one among many setbacks suffered by his party.

New Delhi, January 19: After Election Commission of India’s (ECI) recommendations of disqualifying 20 AAP MLAs, The Delhi High Court refused to grant relief to the aforementioned party.

Justice Rekha Palli, criticized the conduct of the MLAs towards the ECI, questioning their decision to not appear before the poll panel in spite of their pleas remaining unresolved in the High Court.

The AAP lawyer told the court, “Complaints and allegations leveled against the party are full of malice”. However, the AAP council was cut short by Justice Palli who strongly pointed out that in spite of High Court not granting a stay order on the summons by the ECI, AAP legislators failed to turn up. “You cannot dictate to the election commission that you will not appear before it” she expressed on a day which provided with another major setback to Arvind Kejriwal’s Party.

Usually, The President sends a reference to the poll panel of the ECI in petitions seeking disqualification of lawmakers, which in turn decides the case by sending back its opinion

In this case, EC said that the 21 AAP MLAs abused their posts of parliamentary secretaries and should be disqualified as MLAs of the Delhi Assembly. Thus, under the current circumstances, the President is bound to go by the recommendation of the EC.


Source: Hindustan Times, ANI

The Curious Case of Aziz Ansari

Image Courtesy: Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock
Aziz Ansari, 34, was alleged by a 23-year-old anonymous woman of sexual assault in a feature publisehd in on January 13, 2018.

Aziz Ansari, the funny, brown skinned, Muslim Man on Netflix, does not look like an ogre and by all accounts is an affable man.Now, I am not validating him with a clean character certificate, but the thumb rule of common sense says that if someone feels bad about a sexual advance, he/she should nip at the bud at the very onset. Ansari who have been accused of molestation charges by the victim using her pseudo name on the feminist website Babe, seems to have been trapped between the fine line between seduction and molestation.

As per the reports in the feminist website Babe, the girl went to Aziz’s apartment, had wine, and appreciated the knick-knacks of the kitchen, before she was drawn into things which were not to her liking. Reportedly, such action happened more than once in course of the encounter with Ansari, before the girl reacted that such experiences were not appreciable. Later on, Aziz texted back and apologized. A few days later, it’s all over on social media with feminazi brigade in full fervour denouncing Ansari and his shows.

Now there’s the catch, the girl talks about how Ansari ignored her non-verbal cues and went on with his approach. So, now comes the vexing issues-Was Ansari supposed to be mind –reader? Shouldn’t be the girl straightforward in her reply in the very first instant when she felt uncomfortable? Or is it simply a case of Bad Sex, now camoflaogued as molestation, further spiced and served across media-well just because the protagonist is a celebrity and also some of us want to extend the =Me too Campaign to a longer extent.

In general, such activism have confused men. A recent poll by The New Yorker stated that now more men are cautious about approaching women via inviting them for drinks and other social activities. Adding to the woes, there is no social script which defines flirting and molestation in modern times. And we move on to further complex questions-Should a man at once understand a woman’s non-verbal cues? Can a man (always) understand a woman’s non-verbal cues? What is the standard parameter of non-verbal cues? Yes. Yes and No.Nobody knows till now are the most pragmatic answers for the questions.

Now, it is perfectly sane to label Harvey Weinstein as a monster, who arm twisted women to his wishes, on the account of his dominant position in the industry, and the fact that his actions were repetitive and forced. But, here we are talking of a confession which states preferences for wine, and step wise approaches to the sexual act. No accusations of brute force or being drunk or being tricked. Just a plain, naked account of actions which did not comply with the cues of the victim. Sure, Ansari is guilty of taking things too far, and getting into a mode without a clear verbal clue form the other end. But, at the end of the day he did not get any verbal cue, and sometimes cues need to be loud and clear.

That brings out to a more vexing issue-Aren’t the voices of women strong enough? Strong enough to ward off any wanted advances of any kind? Or should they insist only on non-verbal clues? We have already read stories where women, including celebrities were subjected to sexual assault under threat, but it is a different story this time.

It’s time women do realise that they can own property, drive cars, run governments, handle emergencies and of course be loud and clear about their choices-including their choice  of physical relationship. Nothing can be more empowering in twentieth century world, when a woman says no, and the world accepts it-without probing for further explanations.