100 Indian Army personnel move to SC over discrimination

Over 100 Indian Army personnel have moved to the Supreme Court, alleging discrepancies in the promotion of officers of the services corps. The issue has come to light just days after Nirmala Sitharaman took over as the nation’s new Defence Minister.

As per the report in Times of India, the officers stated in the petition, “This act of Army and Union Government has created tremendous injustice to them and others which are detrimental to the morale of the officers and, in turn, to the defence of the country.”

In a joint petition, the group of lieutenant colonels and majors affirmed that despite services corps officers being stationed in operational areas and facing issues similar to combat arms corps officers, they are being deprived of promotions, which are available to officers of combat arms. Expressing their disappointment over this discrimination, the petitioners said that this inequality is affecting the morale of officers who have dedicated their service to Indian army for 10-15 years.

In February 2016, the apex court of India settled an earlier petition, wherein services corps officers complained of in adequate allocation of Colonel posts for promotion. However, the officers have stated that this time they are challenging the partial treatment, without questioning the court’s 2016 judgement.


Sources: TOI, Zee News

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