All 14 types of 10 rupee coins legal for transactions, say RBI

The Times of India report on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 mentioned that all the 14 designs of the 10 rupee coin are a valid tender for all banking and buying purposes. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stated that these coins have been introduced on timely basis, and have a unique significance to various cultural, economic and social aspects of the country.

“The citizens of the country, which include producers and customers, would not accept the 10 rupee coins. They were sceptical about the authenticity of these coins. We have 14 designs of the same. All coins are valid for transaction in the country,” the RBI further added.

The Indian Express informed that all banks in the country have been told to accept these coins during business and transaction time across all their branches.  The RBI is scheduled to issue brand new 10 rupee notes. They are chocolate brown in colour and will be 63mm wide- similar to the width of the present notes. The length however is lesser than the current 137mm and will be 123mm long.

These new notes will have the Konark sun temple symbol. It will also be part of the series of Mahatma Gandhi notes. The current notes of Rs 10 will continue to be in circulation and a legal tender for trade.

Sources: Indian Express, TOI

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