Typhoon Lionrock hits Japan, leaves 11 dead and 3 missing

The powerful typhoon Lionrock made landfall at the city of Ofunato, 500 kilometers northeast of Tokyo leaving 11 dead and three missing since Tuesday evening. According to local Japanese broadcaster NHK, nine bodies were found near a nursing home in the town of Iwaizumi, in Iwate Prefecture. It has been reported that owing to the torrential rain, the banks of the Omotogawa River burst open flooding the nursing home and the surrounding areas. Over 80 people have been air-lifted to safety and around 400,000 evacuation carried out in the Tohoku area.

The severe weather conditions have led to cancellations of 100 flights (from airports in Tohoku and Hokkaido) and ferry services being withdrawn in the east and northeast regions of the country. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has issued advisories for residents in the affected areas for further lightning strikes and tornadoes in the coming days for unstable atmospheric conditions. The flooded northern Japan sets a grim reminder of the tsunami that struck the region five years ago.

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