AAP suspends rebel MLA Devinder Sehrawat

The Aam Aadmi Party on Tuesday sacked party lawmaker Col Devinder Sehrawat after he wrote to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal alleging that the party leaders in Punjab were exploiting women in return for tickets.

The action came after Kejriwal wrapped up his four-day visit to Punjab and the decision was taken by the Delhi Disciplinary Committee of AAP.

Reacting to the party’s decision, the former army officer expressed his anger via Twitter. “If you have the courage, sever the ties and expel. With 67 MLAs you could not perform, You dont have it in you- So Get out of the Way…. (sic.),” Sehrawat tweeted.

In another tweet, Devinder Sehrawat wrote, “Repeated Reports of Molestation of women and sexual abuse,Ring Master Kejriwal obliging his lecherous cotrie & adding more such candidates (sic).”

In response to the tweets, senior AAP leaders and Punjab party- in-charge Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak have filed a defamation case in a Punjab court against Sehrawat.

This incident comes in the wake of dismissal of AAP leader Sandeep Kumar, who was expelled from the party after he got involved in a sex scandal.

As reported by NDTV, in his letter, Sehrawat expressed his strong views over the sex-tape and also criticised AAP leader Ashutosh Gupta. who has also been booked on rape charges.

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