ABVP’s JNU Vice President Jatin Goraya resigns over Dalit Atrocities

Jatin Goraya – Vice President of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad’s Jawaharlal National University unit resigned stating the reason, he was ‘tired’ of ABVP’s attitude on the attacks against Dalits.

He’s fourth such member from the BJP wing to drop his position from the party this year due to various discrepencies. Pradeep Narwal who was the ABVP’s JNU unit joint secretary and two other members had submitted their resignations in February earlier this year, succeeding disputes in the university campus regarding the 9th February incident where ‘anti- national’ slogans were being chanted.

“I resign from the post of vice-president of ABVP, and disassociate myself from the casteist, farcical and patriarchal organisation. The conduct of ABVP has explicitly revealed their manipulative fascist and conservative face,” wrote Jatin Goraya in his resignation letter.

Moreover in his resignation letter he communicated that regressive stands on various issues ranging from the Rohit Vermula case to the JNU incident and the Dalit uprising for social justice and dignity in Una. It is quite predictable to see that the ABVP has been stigmatizing our own institution upon the fake premise of nationalism, anti-nationalism and forcing down their rather ruptured and obnoxious ideology of” nationalism” on  us, wrote Jatin Goraya in his resignation letter.

He further added that the institutionalised murder of Rohit Vermula was being illustrated as a suicide and the people involved were being defended, revealing that social justice was never their forte.

Sources: NDTV

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