When America celebrated ‘Not My President’s Day’

On the occasion of Presidents Day on February 20  Americans protested to condemned current President Donald Trump. Thousands of Americans took the streets for ‘Not My President’s Day’ rallies in the cities across the countries.

People protested against his travel ban, and his victory despite a popular vote defeat. Zack Winestine who is a researcher from lower Manhattan carried a sign which called the election illegitimate, Daily News New York reported. He said, “Technically, the people did not elect him. For him to be governing as though he has a mandate on the far right is not legitimate. Russia intervened in this election. The FBI intervened in the election. Trump himself ran a campaign based on lies and misrepresentations never before seen in modern American politics. He does not represent the will of the American people.”

Twenty people helped in organising these rallies in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Olga Lexell, one of the 20 people, said that the intention of the rallies and protest were to show President Trump that people are against his policies and executive orders.

People in the rallies chanted, “In the name of humanity, fascist America — No! No! No! No! No!,” Moreover, merchants were selling T-shirts which read “Not My President” with a sub-text “Elected but not chosen.”

News Source: ANI,  Daily News New York

Image Source: Rex Features

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