Appeals Court rules against heterosexuals entering into civil partnership

On Tuesday, in a landmark case, the Royals court of Justice in London ruled that heterosexual couples cannot enter into a civil partnership, unlike same-sex couples. The only way out for heterosexuals it seems is the traditional practice of marriage.

This decision comes after a three-year legal campaign by heterosexuals Rebeccas Steinfled and Charles Keidan who appealed to the court for this case and wanted to secure a legal standing for their seven-year relationship but could not do so because The Civil Partnership Act makes it eligible only for same-sex couples.

Rebecca and Charles feel that marriage is a ‘patriarchal baggage’ and want to break free from its shackles. The couple is academicians and has a twenty-month-old daughter with whom they reside in Hammersmith, London.

Earlier in November, Rebecca and Charles challenged the High Court judge Mrs. Jusctice Andrews decision to dismiss their judicial review action. However, the couple lost by a majority of two to one in the Appeals court on Tuesday.

“We lost on a technicality, that the government should be allowed a little more time to make a decision. So there’s everything to fight for and much in the ruling that gives us reason to be positive and keep going”, said a hopeful Rebecca after the ruling of the AppealsĀ court in London.

Sources : The Guardian, Telegraph

Image Source: AFP

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