MP Police releases 15 Muslim boys from sedition charges, says charges were not “appropriate”

A cricket match between India and Pakistan is always anticipated with excitement by both countries. The match between the two, held on June 18, 2017, was even more special since it was the finale of the Champions Trophy. The day, however, turned out to be unfortunate for both the Indian cricket team, as well as for 15 cricket enthusiasts from Mohad village, Burhanpur, in Madhya Pradesh.

These 15 men were arrested on June 19, 2017, by the Madhya Pradesh police for ‘sedition’, under section 124A of the IPC for allegedly cheering Pakistan’s players during the match and lighting crackers to celebrate their win.

Now, the Madhya Pradesh state police have dropped the sedition charge and instead charged them for disturbing “communal harmony” of the village, under Section 124A of IPC, according to a statement by Burhanpur SP, RR Parihar, to The Indian Express.

Along with disturbing communal harmony, these 15  men, who work as daily wage workers or as small farmers, have also been charged for partaking in “criminal conspiracy” under Section 120B of IPC. They are currently in Khandwa jail.


Sources: Huffington post, The Indian Express

With Saudi Arabia and Qatar crisis at its peak, Cattle have nowhere to go

;On Wednesday at around 10:00 hours in Saudi Arabia, officials from the Saudi government have reportedly expelled around 12,000 camels and 5,000 sheep along with their herders through the border since the cattle as well as the cattle-herders carried Qatari nationalities, according to a report by Tony Birtley from Al Jazeera.

 The move comes ahead of the ongoing crisis between the Gulf countries of United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain along with Egypt and Qatar. A blockade has been imposed Gulf countries and Egypt over Qatar since the former have accused the latter of supporting violence and extremism via Iranian terrorist channels. The blockade has been on all three channels of trade i.e. land, water, and sea.

 Previously in its response to Al Jazeera, Minister of Commerce and Economy from Qatar Sheikh Al Thani, the nation is self-sufficient and ready for “such a situation” with “strategic reserve for food or other materials”.

 The United States has also spoken about this tussle hinting that this blockade might be a result of “long-simmering grievances amongst Gulf Cooperation Council meeting.


Image credits: Osama Faisal

China might put “technical hold” on UN ban of Jaish Chief Azhar for UN Ban

 Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang hinted  that China might once again block India’s entry for listing Jaish-e-Mohammed chief, Masood Azhar as a global terrorist in the upcoming United Nations’ review meeting of 1267 Committee, according to a report by The Hindustan Times.
Chuang made the statement after the conclusion of 2 day long meeting of BRICS Foreign Ministers in Beijing, wherein he said, “At present, some members have disagreement over the listing matter. And China stands ready to remain in coordination and communication with the relevant parties on this issue,” according to The Hindustan Times.
At the BRICS meeting, which was attended by Foreign Minister of State V.K. Singh from the Indian side, rising global terrorism and the means to tackle it remained the focus of discussion.
Beijing, in the past, has defended its move to block the entry of the chief as a global terrorist, saying that the “conditions” have not been met to reach a decision.
China has blocked the ban of Masood Azhar three times in the past, the latest application being moved by India in December last year. The proposal has been supported by many countries including United States, United Kingdom and France.
Sources: Hindustan Times, The Statesman