World Radio Day celebrated on February 13

13 February is observed annually as World Radio Day by the United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization (UNESCO), since their international broadcasting services were established on this day. This is to bring to the forefront the significance of the medium in the personal lives of people. This year UNESCO aims to celebrate the role of radio in sports.

UNESCO has suggested various strategies to promote sports. It wants to invite local sporting teams from clubs and schools to play. Introduce more women broadcasters for sports and cover more women based sporting events. Facilitate talk shows based on sports and script a radio drama or documentary that caters to sports. Organize on air and on ground activities along with advertisers for the goodwill of sports and compose music that sings the glory of sports.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been an avid promoter of Radio through his programme, “Mann Ki Baath”. He wished all those who are associated with it. This includes those who work in the industry and all the listeners. He looks forward to it being used to educate, discover and entertain people.

Radio might be referred to as a humble cousin in the media industry, but in the recent part this has seen a surge in listeners, creativity and revenue. It is cost effective and provides a voice to people. Such a concept is seen through community radio, a platform wherein people from communities come together to discuss about cultural practices and issues that are relevant to their community.

All India Radio is a huge radio broadcasting enterprise in the world. It has radio stations, covering 92% of India and 99% of total population. Programmes are aired in 23 languages and 146 dialects.

Radio is a humble medium with a huge potential. This needs to be both understood and tapped.

Karnataka elections 2018: Rahul Gandhi on a four day state visit

Rahul Gandhi, the newly elected Congress party President, is on a four day election campaign in Karnataka. This began on Saturday, February 10, and is his first state to go to polls as party President. A senior party member stated that this is a semifinal, do or die election that could shape the face of the party before 2019.

A Times of India repot mentioned that Rahul spoke about the administrative work done by the Karnataka state government headed by Siddharamaiah. He expressed displeasure about the Rafale deal given by Narendra Modi to an industrial acquaintance. This deal was given to Bengaluru’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) during Congress regime.

He also spoke about the failure of BJP to deliver their promises and their lack of recognition given to the underprivileged classes in society. He opined that Siddharamaiah focuses on the future of the state, and does not delve in the past during elections, like his opposition.

News 18 informed that the campaign commenced in Bellary. Sonia Gandhi began her first rally there after taking charge as party President 19 years ago. Congress, under SM Krishna won the polls after major debacles, which included the invincible nature of the then Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

After Bellary, Rahul will be visiting Hospet, Huligemma temple, and Khwaja Bande Nawaz Dargah. His four day visit will end at Anubhava Mantapa in Bidar district.

Padmaavat open well in overseas markets, beats Baahubali and Dangal record

The release of Padmaavat in the international markets has seen an incredible opening. UK, Australia and New Zealand have received huge box office collections on the first day of its screening.

Times Now reported that the film has surpassed collections of    Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (Hindi version) and Dangal. The collections of Baahubali 2, was $212 thousand, and Dangal, was $247 thousand respectively. Padmavaat opened with a collection of $347 thousand.  It earned £97 in UK and $64 thousand in New Zealand with the paid preview screening. The film received Rs 5 crore through the paid previews in India.

“Padmaavat has seen a fabulous start in the overseas markets of Bollywood,” Taran Adarsh, Senior Trade Analyst tweeted.

According to a report in The Quint the opening in Indian markets was predicted to be Rs 35 crore. However, this did not happen and was lower than the expected amount because of the violent attacks and protests in the country surrounding the film release. The film is yet to hit screens in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. This has caused a drop in the expected collections.


SOURCE:  The Quint, Times Now

Highest tax growth reported in Pune region

Based on a Times of India news report, Pune had the highest net direct tax collection zone in India from April 2017 till mid-January this year. The country comprises of 18 zones in total. Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad are other significant zones. Pune accounts for all places in Maharashtra, except districts in Vidarbha and Mumbai. The region has accounted for 24% growth, while the national average is 18%.

A C Shukla, Principal Chief Commissioner of income tax informed, “With the economic growth being 6%, the state has managed to achieve 75% as against the national average of 69%. The credit goes to the fear of law and not the law enforcement agency. People who do not disclose their income are being dealt with to ensure that income of the state is accounted.”

The Indian Express reported that Pune has successfully collected 100% taxes. The total amount received was Rs 13,143. The growth of personal tax has been 12.81%, Rs 5,312 crore this financial year. 9, 846.19 crore in corporate tax was collected.

“The results of 220 surveys conducted by the income tax department state that undisclosed income has been Rs 500 crore in the region,” Shukla added.

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All 14 types of 10 rupee coins legal for transactions, say RBI

The Times of India report on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 mentioned that all the 14 designs of the 10 rupee coin are a valid tender for all banking and buying purposes. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stated that these coins have been introduced on timely basis, and have a unique significance to various cultural, economic and social aspects of the country.

“The citizens of the country, which include producers and customers, would not accept the 10 rupee coins. They were sceptical about the authenticity of these coins. We have 14 designs of the same. All coins are valid for transaction in the country,” the RBI further added.

The Indian Express informed that all banks in the country have been told to accept these coins during business and transaction time across all their branches.  The RBI is scheduled to issue brand new 10 rupee notes. They are chocolate brown in colour and will be 63mm wide- similar to the width of the present notes. The length however is lesser than the current 137mm and will be 123mm long.

These new notes will have the Konark sun temple symbol. It will also be part of the series of Mahatma Gandhi notes. The current notes of Rs 10 will continue to be in circulation and a legal tender for trade.

Sources: Indian Express, TOI

Anchal Thakur is the first Indian to win an International medal for Skiing

NDTV Sports reported that Aanchal Thakur won the first international medal in skiing for India on Tuesday, January 9, 2018. She is a resident of Barua in Manali and 21 years of age. She won the bronze medal for slalom race at the Alpine Ejder 3200 Cup held in Turkey. Federation International de Ski (FIS) coordinated the event.

“Finally something surprised me today. This is my first international medal. Turkey served me well,” the skiing star said in her tweet. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore congratulated her on Twitter for this historic accomplishment.

The Times of India informed that Roshan Thakur, her father and secretary general of Winter Games Federation of India supported her finances and funded her efforts. He expressed his disappointment about not receiving monetary support from the government of India.

Thakur mentioned, “One needs helmets, skis, suits, poles, gloves, goggles, boots and bindings as a professional skier. The estimated cost of the kit is five to ten lakhs. Hope this serves as a way to help us receive the required assistance. I look forward to seeing my daughter and son play for India at the Winter Olympics this year.”

She was trained by Heera Lal, a former Olympian and Roshan Thakur, her father.

Sources – TOI, NDTV

Mudslides in California kill 13

BBC informed that mudslides due to heavy rains and flooding kill 13 people in California, USA. 163 people have been hospitalized. 20 complained of storm-related injuries, while four others were critically wounded. 300 people have been trapped at Romero Canyon in Santa Barbara.

Police sources described the scene as a First World War battlefield. “This has weakened the foundation of houses and caused major property devastation due to the mudflow,” mentioned Mike Eliason, a spokesman at County fire department in Santa Barbara.

CNN reported that 101 freeways in Santa Barbara and Montecito will be closed in the next 48 hours as a safety measure. Mandatory evacuations for 26,000 have been conducted in Goleta, Carpentaria, Montecito and other parts of the region. The area was also affected recently by Thomas Fire, a wildfire. Gina De Pinto, a spokeswoman for the country mentioned.

A 14-year-old girl was rescued from her Montecito home by firefighters. She was trapped for hours around wooden debris. It is impossible to trace any roads or housing in the locality due to the mud and debris. The storm happened around 3 am early morning. The sheriff received 600 rescue plea telephone calls from the area.

Sources – BBC, CNN