Telangana State Government to pay six lakhs each victim of botch-up eye surgery

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) recommended the Government of Telangana to pay six lakhs a relief to victims of messed up eye surgeries at a government hospital in the state. The 13 victims whose eyesight can not be restored will receive the money and the NHRC has directed the state to show the proof of payment.

The pay was initially one lakh but it rose to six after the extent of injuries was assessed. These cases occurred at the government run Sarojini Devi Hospital at Mehdipatnam in Hyderabad in 2016.

After initial inquiries, it was discovered that the victims were given Compound Sodium Lactate IP 500 ml which tested positive for ‘Klebsiella bacteria’. Six out of the 13 patients have completely lost their eyesight after the incident.

The state denied liability and accused the manufacturers to pay the monetary relief. However, it is the state which is directed to pay the money. The Government filed a case against the manufacturer under the section 338 IPC. According to ANI, the commission has noticed that the state has not denied the allegations of the victims against them.

Sources: ANI, NetIndia

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Pilgrim Raped in Temple in Mathura

A 50 year old pilgrim was gang raped by two employees of the Sriji temple at Barsana in Mathura on September 11, 2017, Monday. The incident occurred on the temple premises. The accused, who were, Kanhaiya Yadav the watchman was arrested while Rajender Thakur is missing.

The incident occurred when the victim was sleeping the temple hall when the accused took her by force and allegedly raped her. The two accused are booked under Section 376 D of the IPC. There is also a CCTV footage of the men committing the crime.

It is said that the victim had gone to the police station to file a complaint. However, no FIR was filed stating the the language barrier was a problem. SSP Mathura, Swapnil Mangain said that if it was found true that the police station did not register the complaint by the victim, strict disciplinary action will be taken against the station officials.

According to India news page, Mangain said, “If her allegation is found to be true, disciplinary action will be taken against the concerned officer”.

Currently, the survivor is undergoing a medical examination.

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Power Cut Caused by Irma Kills eight Residents at Florida Nursing Home

Due to power cut caused by the Hurricane Irma, eight patients died in a nursing home in Florida. The lack of air conditioning in the sweltering heat, The Rehabilitation Centre at Hollywood Hills was the reason behind the deaths. The first death occurred in the early hours of Wednesday at three, and then the next one was at four.

The evacuation procedure began immediately with more that 100 patients being removed. “We had no idea the extent of what was going on until we literally sent people room to room to check on people,” said Dr. Randy Katz, the hospital’s chairman of emergency medicine.

The Florida Power & Light, staff of the nursing home and the state officials have been blamed for the incident for not acting sooner and causing havoc in the nursing home. The son of one of the victims went on to say that the communication between the staff and family have not been good. He added that he was not surprised when the nursing staff did not return his calls. This power shortage left 13 million people in florida with power and 180,000 homeless.

Sources: NY Times, CNN

Image source – Indian Express

Onion prices drop in Nashik after IT Raids

The IT raids which took place in Nashik on Thursday morning have caused the prices of onions to drop dramatically at Lasalgaon, one of the biggest onion markets in the country. This raids occurred at several properties of one of the biggest onion traders in Nashik. Godowns, offices, and homes of seven onion traders were searched.

It is suspected that one of the reasons for the raid was because of the extreme surge of onion prices the previous month. However, there are some who feel that it could be because of the huge cash deposits made at the Nashik District Central Cooperative Bank after the demonetization.

This raid has caused a drop in onion prices by 35%. The wholesale prices came down to Rs 900 per quintal at Lasalgaon compared to Rs 1400 per quintal on Wednesday. According to the Times of India, Jaydatta Holkar,  Chairman of Lasalgaon APMC said, “These traders have the capacity to buy 30% of total arrivals in the market. The action from the IT department created panic among onion traders leading to a crash of prices in the wholesale onion prices.”

Sources: Times of India, New Indian Express 

Sasikala ousted as AIADMK General Secretary

V K Sasikala, who appointed herself as the General Secretary of AIADMK after the death of Jayalalithaa, has been ousted from the party. The decision helped to create a stronghold for Tamil Nadu chief minister E. Palanisamy and O Panneerselvam. The former interim chief of the party is currently doing her sentence for a disproportionate assets case in which Jayalalithaa and Sasikala were investigated for.

The same people who took the decision to make Sasikala the interim chief made the decision today to remove her from the party.

Some reports state that the party is planning on removing TTV Dinakaran too. However, he states that he is still part of the party and serves as the deputy general secretary.

The General Council amended the laws to remove the post of a general secretary in the party thus paving the way for the dismissal of TTV Dinakaran too. The party members believe that Jayalalithaa will remain as the General Secretary and no one can take her place. This was stated as the reason to remove the post.

According to The Hindu, Dinakaran told reporters, “They (Palaniswami and deputy chief minister O Paneerselvam and others) selected Sasikala as the General Secretary. But after Sasikala went to jail they started taking steps arbitarily”.

Sources: News18, ET

Brexit Bill Passed in the British Parliament with the Commons Vote having the Majority

The British parliament has voted for the second time to sever ties with the European Union. This decision was taken after several hours of debates and speeches. The MPs voted 326 to 290 with the Commons  in favour of the EU withdrawal bill. This is seen as the first hurdle of the Brexit process.

This decision was made amidst a lot of resistance from the opposition. The oppositions consisted of seven Labour MPs who are Ronnie Campbell, Frank Field, Kate Hoey, Kelvin Hopkins, Dennis Skinner and Graham Stringer. There were no Conservatives who opposed the passing of the bill.

The bill for the United Kingdom to be part of the European Union was passed in 1972. All the existing EU laws will become UK laws to ensure a smooth legislation on Brexit day. The bill proposes use of the ‘Henry VIII powers’ which allow the ministers to change legislations without the parliamentarian scrutiny.

According to BBC, Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer said, “Labour will seek to amend and remove the worst aspects from the bill but the flaws are so fundamental it’s hard to see how this could ever be made fit for purpose.”

The main reason for the Labour Patry’s opposition of the bill was that they felt that the power which will be given to the government will lead to a ‘dangeorus spiral of autocracy’ according to Labour lawmaker, Chris Bryant.


Sources: NDTV, BBC

Repeal of DACA puts young Indian Americans at risk of Deportation

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program which was started under the presidency of Obama has been repealed by the Trump administration. This is considered as one of the most controversial decision President Trump ever made. This announcement was mad on September 5, 2017. More than 800,000 young adult immigrants were protected by this scheme and their lives are in jeopardy now.

Currently, there is no new scheme which will be implemented in place of DACA. It is said, according to Vox that those currently protected by DACA will start losing work permits from March 6, 2018. There are 20,000 Indian children who were brought into the country illegally and may now face deportation. These are data recovered from South Asian Americans Leading Togethere (SAALT).

There have been protests all over the country after the announcement. SAALT went on to say, “Over 27,000 Asian Americans, including 5,500 Indians and Pakistanis, have already received DACA. An additional estimated 17,000 individuals from India and 6,000 from Pakistan respectively are eligible for DACA, placing India in the top ten countries for DACA eligibility,” according to NDTV.

Sources – Vox, The New Yorker, NDTV