Drop in user time for Facebook

Caption: It was observed users tend to spend less time on Facebook feed
Facebook tend to be slightly worried as the company sees drop in the users time spend online. It had announced major changes in January to be made on the news feed, but saw less user time even before that. In the last three months roughly 50 million hours a day was observed to be cut down by the users on the social media. For example, fewer viral videos were shown up on feeds.
Mark Zuckerberg went on record to say that, Facebook encourages personal interaction by helping people connect which is more important and is not much bothered about its drop of users online. “We can make sure the service is good for people’s well being and society overall” he added. The decline in users was recorded a little more than two minutes on an average basis, for 1.4 billion daily users.
Facebook’s largest advertising revenue is from US and Canada, and the very same countries saw the drop in daily users by nearly 7,00,000 to 184 million in a quarter. Zuckerberg says that Facebook users often stick around an ad if they show interest in one particular type.

Ola to enter Australian market

Image Source: OLA
Caption: Ola has captured the Indian taxi-hailing app market entirely in no time
India’s taxi-hailing app service, Ola is stepping up for its first international venture in Australia. Currently, the Australian market is dominated by Ola’s rival in India, Uber. Just like how it captured the Indian market, it may have better plans for the market abroad. The rapid growth of the Bangalore based service which started in 2011, was quick and immense. Ola will soon start the recruitment process of its drivers in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, where it plans to launch the service first. The firm has earned massive profits over the years who now claims to have 125 million users in India.
Ola has now appointed a financial technology entrepreneur to manage the feature of Ola Money, where payments of your ride can be done through this digital payment platform of its own. It was backed up by investors from Japan’s SoftBank and US fund Tiger Global Management. The firm is waiting for the regulatory approval from Australia who promises to give high quality and an affordable traveling experience like never before to its customers there.
“We are very excited about launching Ola in Australia and see immense potential for the ride-sharing ecosystem which embraces new technology and innovation,” said Ola’s chief executive and co-founder Bhavish Aggarwal to BBC. 

Fall singer, Mark E Smith dies at 60

The founder of Fall, Mark E Smith, the post punk band of Manchester dies at 60. The band was formed in 1976 in Prestwich. Smith was considered as the only member who remained constant throughout these years. He was told to be a hot tempered man, who frequently fired his band members. 66 different members, to be specific.
Ex-wife Brix Smith Smart remembers him and wrote in a tribute, “Mark defied convention and definition – he was a true artist. He was my music mentor, my cultural anchor, and my first love.” 
His well wishers, ex band members, and friends always considered him as music maestro even though his temper was not much tolerable. Fall became a huge success, though members changed frequently. Fall’s 32nd album was released in 2017, called News Facts Emerge. Smith used to travel around the globe often for music tours. Deteriorating health made it hard for him to accompany his band. 
Marc Riley, a former band member and now a radio DJ, was on air when the news broke. The pair had a confused relationship. This is also the case with Smith and many of the musicians who stayed with the band.  “Aged 16 he really did teach me so much,” Riley told his listeners.
SOURCE:  The Guardian, BBC

Video games reveal unrealistic drug use

The video games created in the recent times are having a bad influence of the audience, according to study. The use of drugs, cocaine, meth and many other harmful substances are featured that convey wrong messages to the masses. A study was done by Archstone, an addiction awareness organization that revealed some shocking stories. The report showed how the characters in the video games often made drug cocktails. After consumption of which they gained extra powers and energy.
The reality of these harmful drugs are not shown. They are chosen to convey wrong and sensitive information. The revelation of the study made parents to ensure their children do not fall trap into any kind of wrong doings and illegal habits, which may cause mental and physical harm.
The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is the organization which assigns age and content ratings to games in the US. The company says it is not upset with its drugs-related guidance.“The ESRB’s robust rating submission process ensures accurate, detailed and reliable rating information that parents are aware of, regularly use and trust to help decide which games and apps are appropriate for their children and family,” said a spokeswoman.

Fatal avalanche hits Japan’s ski resort

In a fatal flow of avalanche in central Japan killed one and injured 16. The incident happened near Kusatsu, where rocks were seen raining down as the eruption burst out. Japanese officials have warned to stay safe as they doubt the spew may continue. The eruption hit a popular Japanese ski resort on Tuesday morning which killed a soldier.
“There was this huge boom, and a big plume of totally black smoke rose up,” one of the frequent skier there told local broadcaster, NHK. “I had absolutely no idea what had happened.”

Japan’s Meteorological Agency had raised the volcano alert to three on a scale of five. This sent out a warning that the volcano could soon erupt once, risking further avalanches. Approximately 100 people were evacuated from the area, as told by an eye witness. Though many others remain stranded, without finding a way out.
The fire department local officials said that at least 80 people were stuck at a gondola station which is situated at the top of a ski slope. The rescuers were on a mission to working out different ways that could safely operate vehicles that were covered under rocks and volcanic ash.

Sources: BBC, DW

Blood test able to detect 8 forms of cancer could be available soon

The trial vaccine has been tried on 1,000 cancer patients by researchers
One of the biggest revolutions in medicine may just have begun. Scientists and researchers have took the step forward in introducing a vaccine that can detect more than 8 common forms of cancer.
The UK experts at John Hopkins University have reportedly said that this news is “enormously exciting.” According to the team this is just the beginning. The vaccine also needs to be researched well on its effectiveness in detecting early stages of cancer.
A trial was conducted on over 1,000 cancer patients and the vaccine detected various forms of cancer in ovary, liver, stomach, esophagus, breast, lung, colon or pancreas. This covered close to 70% of the kind of cancers. “I think this can have an enormous impact on cancer immortality,” said Dr. Cristian Tomasetti from John Hopkins University of Medicine. The test is meant to be sensitive to mutated DNA that floats in blood and also to cancer related proteins.
“This is of massive potential,” says the highly motivated team leader Dr. Gerd Attard at Center of Evolution and Cancer at the institute of Cancer Research at London.
Sources: abc, bbc

Donald Trump denies border wall changes

John Kelly told Fox News that President Trump’s views on the construction of the Mexico Border wall have changed from the original deal he had made. The statement he made was “Campaigning is very different from governing”. He was appointed by Trump in July as the chief of staff who these comments to members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. The Retired General, John Kelly told openly that the there were many more facts the President was yet to know.”He was not fully informed” Kelly says.  


It was minutes later that Donald Trump had tweeted denying the fact. He expressed his view informing that he may directly or indirectly pay for the border wall. Trump’s moves are supposedly going as per the plan is what was portrayed in his tweet. “The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it,” informs Donald Trump.  


During the election campaign, Trump said he is expecting that Mexico would pay entirely for the border wall. The New York Times had published a piece which said that Mr Kelly appears to be saying he thinks “that it is his job to tutor a sometimes-ill-informed president who has never served in public office before”. 


Sources – BBC, The Telegraph