Bomb Explosion in London Underground Train Confirmed as an Act of Terrorism

On Friday morning, a crudely made bomb exploded on a London Underground train at 8 20 am. The device explosion injured twenty nine commuters. The people were immediately rushed to hospitals for their burn injuries and have been discharged now. A police investigation has begun for the person who detonated the bomb, and evacuation of the station has been completed.

The blast occurred at Parsons Green on a District Line underground train from Wimbledon. Scotland Yard has determined that the incident was of terrorism. A huge number of detectives and MI5 have been deployed to hunt down the person who initiated the act. The bomb had been made in an improvised manner and placed inside a white bucket reportedly with a timer. The bomb was said to not have exploded in the intended manner, which otherwise would have killed all commuters around it and grievously injured all present on the train.
Britain Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the attack heavily and released a statement saying the UK’s terror threat levels would be reviewed again. Scarily, this is already the fifth incident of terrorism happening in the UK this year, and the only one in which all survived. Expert handlers will be looking at the remains of the device which is now in the hands of the police.
News Sources- The New York Times, BBC

Tunisian President Wants Ban Over Marriage of Muslim Women with Non-Muslims to be lifted

On the occasion of National Women’s Day, Tunisian President Beji Caed Essibsi called upon the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice to remove the ban over Muslim women marrying Non- Muslims. The President vocally suggested changes to be made to their Publication 73 in the Constitution to remove the restriction. The President made clear that according to the sixth chapter of the Constitution there should be complete freedom of belief practiced in the country.

Publication 73 was written by the Ministry of Justice in the year 1973 and prevented local Tunisian women from entering wedlock with any foreigners. It was noted that the religion and faith of the man must be recognized by the mufti presiding over the marriage. With a step forward in the right direction, Essibsi expressed that this law was an obstacle for women in the way of making a free choice regarding their partners. When the amendment is made and the law is passed, Tunisia will be the first Muslim nation that allows its women to marry outside of their faith, in history.
The President reassured in his speech that Islam is not a hindrance in the way of democratic living and progress. He stated that he looked forward to seeing equality between men and women in the nation.
News Source- Egyptian Streets

Divorce With Renault Leaves Red Bull to Move On to Honda

Red Bull and Renault have reportedly broken up causing new complications on the Formula circuit. This is predicted to leave Red Bull with no foreseeable option other than forcing to shift to engines made by Honda. Red Bull and Honda already have a tied association with each other in Moto GP and this should ideally give Red Bull an opportunity to leverage a financial deal that allows them to no longer pay for their engines. They might also receive considerable funding from Honda which should make Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz happy.

McLaren on the other hand is expected to move from engines made by Honda to Renault for consecutive three seasons in the future. Renault is also set to announce their contract with Toro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz starting 2018 and are prepared to lose Jolyon Palmer. Rosso will team up with Nico Rosberg. Renault and Red Bull have had a publicly rocky relationship since 2014, with the inception of the current turbo hybrid engine formula. They powered through four drivers’ and constructors’ titles but Renault’s inability to match match up to Mercedes has left Red Bull with little patience. After constant struggles, Renault has finally decided to break ties permanently. Meanwhile, McLaren left Honda because their engines are believed to be the worst in the circuit.
News Sources- BBC, Autosport

Ryan International School Murder: Regional Chief and HR Head were suspended following protests

It has been close to three days since the murder of a six year old boy in Ryan International School. The past two days have seen the parents who send their children to the Gurgaon school stage protests. The blame was placed on the school for security lapses on their behalf. Now, this has consequently led to the arrest of two top officials, Francis Thomas, regional head of the group, and Jeyus Thomas, HR head. The individuals were charged under Section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act.
The accused, a 42- year old bus conductor named Ashok Kumar was was arrested on Friday night. However, it was later revealed that the conductor had been previously fired from another school in his village Ghamroj due to suspicions of similar allegations. This drew the ire of the parents and the media alike due to the negligence of the school authorities. There must be a system set in place that checks the backgrounds of their employees.
The school will reportedly stay shut for all students except for those between Class 6 and Class 12. Investigations were still on in the school, where teachers and staff were questioned. There were several policemen present at the school when protesters lit the liquor shop in the locality. The policemen had to resort to lathi charge to control the mob.
Inspector Arun Kumar, the SHO from Sohna Sadar Police station was also suspended due to the aggressive reaction towards the crowd. Many people including a journalist were left grievously injured. This caused to sharp criticism and compelled the suspension.
Sources: NDTV, HT

Mexico Hit By Strongest Earthquake In A Century: Reports State Warning of Tsunami

An earthquake of magnitude 8.2 Richter has hit Mexico. Reported to be the biggest tremor in a century, there are reportedly 6 casualties currently. Evacuations have begun on a large scale due to warnings of an impending tsunami across the region. The quake was felt at 165 km west of the state of Chiapas a while before midnight on Thursday.
Four of the deaths occurred in Chiapas and two of them in Tabasco state. Two among these were children, one in a hospital where electricity was lost and the other was when a wall collapsed. Schools in Mexico City, Chiapas, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Tabasco, Veracruz, Puebla, Oaxaca and Tlaxcala have been closed until further notice. The damage done to several hotels, hospitals, school buildings and other infrastructure will be evaluated first by experts to assess the damage.
Authorities from the National Disaster Prevention Centre were monitoring the overall situation to provide urgent updates. While the Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto attempted to diminish fears by stating on television that the tsunami was not expected to be worrisome. The tsunami warning centre has reported that the waves that strike the coast could be as high as 3 metres.
The tsunami recording centre predicted high tide for the city of Salina Cruz. Waves of a height between 30 cm and a metre were warned for Cook Islands, Equador, Fiji, El Salvador, French Polynesia and Guatemala. In 1985, an earthquake of 8.0 magnitude had hit Mexico that had corroded the region, killing close to 5,000 people and destroying 10,000 houses.
Sources: CNN, The Guardian

Raids held by NIA in Separatist Leader Shabir Shah’s Home

The house of separatist leader, Shabir Shah’s Personal Assistant Zameer Shah was reportedly raided by the National Investigation Agency today. The raid is still on-going in his residence in Srinagar. Shabir Shah had been arrested earlier on grounds of being involved in money laundering for alleged terror financing.
On July 25th of this year, Shah had been arrested from his home and had been placed under house arrest in Srinagar. On July 26th, he was present in Patiala High Court post which he had been retained in custody for 7 days. Seven other separatist leaders Altaf Shah, Ayaz Akbar, Peer Saifullah, Mehraj Kalwal, Shahid-ul-Islam, Naeem Khan and Bitta Karate were also kept in the custody of the NIA. The NIA arrived at Srinagar investigating the alleged funding by Pakistan for criminal acts in Kashmir. The various charges leveled against the criminals were under various sections of the Indian Penal Code ( IPC ) and the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.
On August 6th, Shabir Shah’s wife was called in for questioning related to the money laundering case. Shah applied for bail but his application was rejected by the Delhi Court. His assistant Zameer Ahmad is a member of the Democratic Free Party previously led by Shabir Shah who is currently in Tihar jail.
Sources: New Indian Express, Financial Express

The truth about the Rohingya crisis

Amidst PM Modi’s visit to Myanmar and talks on shared sentiments about “extremist violence,” Myanmar is under immense international pressure at the moment. Since 25th of August, there has been a slew of attacks started by the Rohingyas on an army base and police. This led to violence on a large-scale against the ethnic group causing close to 125,000 Rohingyas to flee Myanmar. The attack made by rebels saw several innocent Rohingyas being targeted.
The army retaliated against the attacks by killing close to 370 people according to numbers from the previous week. Reliable sources have stated that in a single village, the numbers are close to 130 which also includes the indiscriminate killing of women and children. The UN foresees that this type of ‘ethnic cleansing’ could amount to genocide very soon.
Who are the Rohingyas?
The Rohingyas are an ethnic minority originally from the district from Rakhine. They have been thriving among the Buddhist-majority population of Myanmar since centuries. Since Myanmar achieved independence from British rule in 1948, the Union Citizenship Act was passed and reportedly the Rohingyas were not included in the list of recognized ethnicities. They have been outright denied citizenship since 1982 and persecuted ruthlessly in great numbers.
Close to the entirety of the 1.1 million population of Rohingyas are still living in Rakhine and are disallowed to leave the state without express permission from the government. Thus, consequently, Rohingyas have become stateless- persona non-grata in their own country. Rakhine has one of the poorest living states in the whole country. Due to such dismal conditions, Rohingyas have fled Myanmar in scores all through the decades to Bangladesh and such neighboring countries.
Why Isn’t the Violence Against them Recognized?
In October 2016, rebel groups killed 9 police men from the state which led to a crackdown in Rakhine by the state army. The manner in which the army conducted the ‘cleansing operations’ and the nature of acts committed define the horrific narrative against this community. Rapes, extrajudicial killings and arson and a variety of human rights were abused. This was completely denied by the government.
There were separate instances in 2013 as well when allegations of a similar nature were made but to no avail. Rohingyas preferred to undertake the dangerous journey of trying to reach Malaysia by boat across the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Thousands attempt to cross the borders and enter Bangladesh sometimes only to be captured and sent back to Myanmar.
What Does the Government Say About the Crisis?
The State Chancellor Aung San Suu Kyi has no control over the army. However, the Nobel laureate has been widely criticized for completely failing to recognize the extreme and widespread violence against the group. She has refused to acknowledge the state of them and has made statements saying how exaggerated the reports were.
The plight of the Rohingyas appears to be bleak with no intervention from the international community yet. No member is willing to sacrifice sovereignty on the face of these brazen atrocities. It is yet to be seen how much will ultimately be too much.
Image Source- Dawn