Bernie Sanders won a powerful victory in New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders won a commanding victory over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire on Tuesday. Donald Trump also made his score with a big win over the other two candidates at the Washington.

Sanders being one of the first women who braced democratic socialist, made her way to the victory over the former secretary of state.  For Trump, a television personality who has never run for public office, the win was an important rebound after his loss in Texas.

There were other candidates who also ranked well but are lagging a little behind. Ohio Government John Kasich finished second after devoting almost all of his campaign resources to New Hampshire, while on the other hand Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and the former Florida Government Jeb Bush battled tight for third, along with Cruz.

Sanders in an official party after the victory stated that, his win would send a message nationwide. “The government of the country belongs to all of the people and not just to the ones who are controlling it with their power of wealth,” Sanders said.

However, Clinton while congratulating Sanders said, “the nation has every right to be angry, but they are also hungry, they are hungry for solution”.

Sources: The Guardian, The Times of India

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