Microsoft’s Politics to Drive out Google

Mark Penn's scroogle initiative
Mark Penn’s scroogle initiative

In a bid to strip Google off its monopolistic demeanour in the search engine market, Microsoft roped in political strategist, Mark Penn. Penn, responsible for ousting enemies of the likes of the Clintons, is currently the Corporate Vice President for Strategic and Special Projects at Microsoft Corporation.

Often called the ‘Brawler’ by the media, Penn devised an ad campaign that makes Google take full offence for their new initiative, ‘Google Shopping’ where paid product listings pop up as search results. The campaign- ‘Scroogled’ is a website where Microsoft uses the signatory Google colours to warn customers off the initiative and urges them to try its Bing for honest results.

Showing excerpts from the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of Google Commerce which say that Google Shopping will exclude members who do not ‘participate’ in the transaction, Penn has hit Google where it hurts most. In lieu of the anti-trust lawsuit that Google is facing, the search engine giant maybe heading to a gigantic downfall.

Search engine wars have been a trend on the internet with Yahoo! trying to stave off Google since 1995. Bing, overtook Yahoo! but still has a Goliath in the form of Google to beat. Microsoft is pulling out all stops to sow a doubt about Google’s unbiased search results. The ‘Don’t be evil’ preach at its inception has been attacked by the Scroogle initiative as Microsoft calls Google an “evil empire” built on a “pure commercial model.”

The SWAT-style team that Penn has assembled for the campaign includes political advisors, public relation officers and Josh Gottheimer, counsellor to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. A poll conducted by the team showed that consumers of Google where unaware of the monetary transaction and were hardly bothered by it. Microsoft warns holiday shoppers that they might not get the best merchants or prices through Google Shopping.

Penn who is of the opinion that “negative ads are, by and large, good for [our] democracy”, has put a step forward for Microsoft in the search engine war. Microsoft which already has Apple on its back will have to strive to sustain this initiative, lest it loses face among millions of internet users.

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Kingfisher Airlines: Deeper than Six Feet Under?

In a strong backlash, lenders to the now grounded Kingfisher Airlines have refused to fund its unprofitable business. The airlines that bears 17 lenders including SBI has a debt of over 7,000 crore and is being pushed by the syndicate to pay a portion of the arrears.

For further details, go to to Economic Times.

No more the "Good Times'
No more the “Good Times’

Nehru Place amongst world’s top 30 IT notorious markets

A US Trade representatives report (USTR) has placed Nehru Place amongst the world’s top 30 notorious IT markets for dealing with goods and services infringing intellectual property rights. The electronic shopping arcade in South Delhi is known for its hi-tech display of gadgets at low prices.

According to the report, “Nehru Place is one of the many markets in major cities throughout India that are known for dealing in large volumes of pirated software, pirated optical media containing movies and music, and counterfeit goods.”

Leading the pack with the largest number of markets that deal in infringing goods and services is China. The country is known for trading computers with illegal operating systems and pre-installed software, deemed unlawful. The trading generally happens in the Buy Now PC Malls, which have 22 shops across China. Other markets indulging in counterfeiting products include the Fu’an footwear and accessory market in Putian, Luohu Commercial Center in Shenzhen; Silk market in Beijing; and small commodities markets in Yiwu.

Among the markets that facilitate and sustain global piracy are the Urdu Bazaars in Karachi and Lahore.  The bazaars are a hub for all services related to printing and publishing, with wholesalers selling paper, stationary and other materials required in the publishing industry. Interestingly, even Nehru place has a vast array of printing presses offering quality deal.

In a bid to crack down on these markets that effect the functioning of legitimate businesses, the USTR has found a technique. They have started applauding the actions of some markets which are trying to get rid of their virtual and physical marketplaces dealing with pirated goods.  They also encourage governments taking enforcement actions to shut down these markets.

A busy day at the Nehru place market, Delhi.
A busy day at the Nehru place market, Delhi.

SpiceJet stake sale news prompts increase in share price

SpiceJet shares increased by 2.9 percent after a news report raised speculations about a potential stake sale of the company’s shares. This report came after the resignation of the Sun Group chief Kalanithi Maran and his wife Kavery Maran from the Board of Directors of Kal Airways. Sun Group  CFO S L Narayanan denied any plans of selling promoter’s shares, saying that they are looking into other options.

For more information, visit Reuters.


Ratan Tata retires as Chairman of Tata Global Beverages

Ratan Tata stepped down as the chairman of Tata Global Beverages on Tuesday making way for his successor, Cyrus Mistry. Mistry, who is the director of Tata Sons and the deputy chairman of Tata Steel and Tata Chemicals, has also been inducted in the board of Indian Hotels Company.

Image of Cyrus Mistry and Ratan Tata
Talking business: Cyrus Mistry and Ratan Tata share a light moment at a session in Jampshedpur

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President Sinofsky Bids Adieu To Microsoft

Employees of the Microsoft were genuinely surprised with an unexpected mail from their big boss, Steven Sinofsky last Monday, which said that he was leaving the company. The subject of  this rather shocking message read “RE: Windows Leadership Changes.” He had reportedly sentit from his own Surface RT, in which he explains in detail why he wanted to leave the company for better opportunities.

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