India against ‘Moratorium on the use of death penalty’

During the 67th UN  general assembly, the third committee which deals with the social and humanitarian issues put forward its draft resolution ‘Moratorium on the use of the death penalty’. India was among the 39 countries that was against the draft resolution while 110 nations voted in favor of the resolution and 36 abstained in the meeting held on November 20.

India gave the justification to its decision saying that every nation has the sovereign right to determine its own legal system,  and also that the draft resolution sought a suspension on executions and it could not support the text in its present form.

India against it.

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Failed Truce Attempts Result In Renewed Killings

On Tuesday, fresh strikes  by Israel claimed the lives of 20 Palestinians, even as countries around the world are pushing the two neighbors to work out a truce . On the other hand, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton is visiting West Bank to talk to Palestinian authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

No peace

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Dr. Ami Bera joins US House of Congress

Dr. Ami Bera

California voted physician Dr. Amerish “Ami” Bera to the post of Congressman, making him only the third person of Indian origin at Capitol Hill after Dalip Singh Saund and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Beri, 47, beat sitting Congressman Dan Lungren by 5,696 votes to win a seat as a Democrat at the House of Representatives from Sacremento.

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Pain for Spain, as Catalonia play tiki taka for freedom

Two months ago, Barcelona witnessed the biggest independence march in Europe since the WW2. Next weekend, a regional election will serve as a quasi-plebiscite on secession. But could Catalonia really make a go of it as an independent state? And would Spain let it? What consequences will  a Catalan state bring?

Catalonia is not Spain

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