Murugesan: Chinese submarine docking at Pakistan of no immediate concern

Kolkata: The Indian Navy, today announced the crossing of the Chinese submarine as a matter of no big concern, although they assured their surveillance over the activities. Reports of the Chinese submarine having crossed the Arabian Sea and entered the Karachi port, had found impetus only a month ago.

Vice Admiral P Murugesan, Vice Chief of Naval Staff, said, “ Docking of a submarine belonging to some other country in a third country itself is not a big concern but we do monitor them,

Vice Admiral P. Murugesan PC: ANI
Vice Admiral P. Murugesan

whichever submarines operate in our region.”

During the Navy’s Water Jet Fast Attack Crafts by defence PSU Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd (GRSE),he added that India bears submarine capabilities and that the Indian submarines also go on dock in foreign nations.

Murugesan, regarding naval cooperations, informed that though India has relations with numerous countries , the navy  does monitor the Indian neighbourhood to keep track of who collaborates with which other navy, all of which is always briefed to the concerned authorities in the government.

“We develop our navy to meet any challenges that might come out of such cooperation” he mentioned. “Our Navy is quite strong enough to look after our maritime interests in our area of interest,” he said adding that the navy is like an ambassador as they can go anywhere.

Source: The Economic Times

Indonesia: Military transport aircraft crashes, more than 100 feared dead.

Military transport aircraft crashes in Indonesia PC:
Military transport aircraft crashes in Indonesia

Medan, Indonesia – Estimates of more than 100 people are feared to be dead, after a military transport aircraft crashed into a built up area of Medan, Sumatra. Air Marshal Agus Supriatna told Metro TV, “For the moment we know there were 113 people (on board). It looks like there are no survivors.” The crash of the C-130B Hercules aircraft will cast light on Indonesia’s poor air safety records and condition of its aging aircrafts.

Eye witnesses state that the aircraft appeared to go up in flames before crashing into a house and hotel. An unnamed official attached to a nearby hospital said that 55 bodies had been brought in so far. However, just after the crash, officials stated that only a crew of 12 service personnel were on board.

A thick cloud of black smoke was seen emerging out of the aircraft wreckage. Emergency services rushing to the scene were hindered by throngs of people surrounding the crash site. Romali, Chief of Medan’s search and rescue agency said, “We have been using heavy equipment like earth movers to clear the wreckage of the plane”.” We are still evacuating bodies from the rubble and we hope we can finish the operation tonight.”

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NATO Convoy targeted in Kabul blast


 A NATO convoy was targeted in the blast.
A NATO convoy was targeted in the blast.

KABUL, JUNE 30: A powerful blast rocked the capital city of Afghanistan killing three and injuring about 70 people.  A suicide bomber rammed into a NATO Convoy on the road leading to the Kabul International Airport, close to the US Embassy and Supreme Court.  “It was a suicide car bomber targeting a convoy of foreign forces in Kabul,” Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said. The extremist group Taliban claimed responsibility of the blasts. The information was confirmed by a spokesman for the NATO mission in Afghanistan, Colonel Brian Tribus.

The attack happened a week after Taliban’s strike on the Afghanistan Parliament.

After the termination of NATO’s combat mission in December 2014, a follow-up foreign force called Resolute Support has trained the Afghan troops and police. This for the first time that the local security forces will be battling against Taliban without NATO’s support.

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Finance Secretary: No firm plan to handle Greece fallout


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New Delhi: Finance Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi told reporters that the situation in Greece was “dynamic” and “evolving” and that there was “no firm plan that we can access.” He added that he was in touch with RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan. Rajan expects India’s economy to be able to withstand any impact of the Greek crisis partly due to its forex reserves which climbed to $355.46 billion as on June 19.

Worries over the fallout in Greece sparked off a downward trend in emerging markets on Monday as NIFTY shed 62.70 points to end at 8,318.40 and SENSEX fell 166 points and closed at 27,645.15. Meanwhile, 10-year bond yields reached their highest since May 22.

Mehrishi said that while India might not be impacted directly, flows could be a potential concern.

“If yields on euro bonds go up, then it might impact inflows and outflows from India,” he said.

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EU offers “door still open” deal to Greece


Image source: The Huffington Post

Brussels, July 29: As Brussels insisted the “door is still open” for negotiations to Greece, EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker on Sunday, launched a last-ditch drive to persuade Greece to agree a funding deal to save it from bankruptcy this week.

In a direct appeal to the Greek voters over the leftist government’s administration, Juncker’s European Commission issued what it said was the sweetened offer that Greek negotiators were looking at on Friday night in Brussels.  This offer came at a time when Greek negotiators got news from Athens that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had rejected the deal and would seek public endorsement of his move in a referendum next Sunday.

Juncker in a statement on Twitter said, “In the interest of transparency and for the information of the Greek people,” also issued in Greek, that linked to a 10-page document of budgetary and other “prior actions” by Athens, that the EU, European Central Bank and IMF agreed were the conditions for releasing new cash to Greece.

According to the Commission, the Eurogroup of euro zone finance ministers’ decision to not have made the deal at a meeting on Saturday but instead took it off the table was due to “the unilateral decision of the Greek authorities to abandon the process.”

In its statement, the EU commission also said that euro zone governments had been ready to do more on the Greek debt.

Islamist gunman attacks tourists in Tunisia

ISIS has claimed responsibility of the attack. PC: Reuters
ISIS has claimed responsibility of the attack.
PC: Reuters

Tunisia, June 27: Nearly 40 people have been reported killed in a terror attack outside two Tunisian beach-side hotels in Sousse. The British Foreign Minister said, five of the individuals killed were Brits, as was one Irish woman. Tunisia’s Health Ministry confirmed that those killed included Tunisians, Germans and Belgians.

A gunman disguised as a young holidaymaker open fired with a Kalashnikov that was hidden inside an umbrella. According to a witness, after the attack at the beach, the gunman entered the Imperial Marhaba hotel through the swimming pool area. He then shot tourists and also tossed an explosive.

Other tourists at hotel secured themselves in their rooms. As per the Tunisian interior ministry, the gunman was killed in a firefight with security forces.

One of the witnesses said, “He (gunman) was laughing and joking around, like a normal guy. He was choosing whom to shoot. Some people, he was saying to them ‘you go away’.”

At El Kantaoui near Sousse, the prime targets were the Brits.

The Islamic State in a statement on social media has claimed responsibility for the Tunisian attack.

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Deadly blast hits Kuwait during Friday prayers


The attack killed at least 13 people. PC:
The attack killed at least 13 people.

Dubai (Kuwait), July 26: A suicide bomber attack at a Kuwaiti Shia Muslim mosque killed at least thirteen people in Kuwait City during Friday prayers. The attack also targeted Imam al-Sadeq Mosque in the Sawaber district. The exact number of casualties was expected to rise, according to local media outlets, as several casualties were in critical condition.

Saad al-Ajmi, Kuwait’s former information minister, told Al Jazeera that the attack was a reminder that no country was “immune from terrorism”. Ajmi said Kuwait had “a good record” in its relationship between Sunni and Shia groups, and was a small country with good security.

Militant group ISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide attack. Kuwaiti parliament member Khalil al-Salih said worshipers were kneeling in prayer when a loud explosion ripped through, damaging the walls and ceiling. He said a suicide bomber who looked to be under 30 years of age caused the explosion and that he saw several bodies covered in blood on the floor.

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