Air pollution wraps Indian city


Heavy smog has dissipated over India’s capital last month, warning heath and environment hazards. Despite effective measures to improve air quality, pollution is steadily worsening without any simple solutions insight. Environmentalists have recommended substantial number of actions and strategies to upgrade pollution control. Stopping untamed motorization for now can be the first step of  strategies implementation.

Microsoft’s Politics to Drive out Google

Mark Penn's scroogle initiative
Mark Penn’s scroogle initiative

In a bid to strip Google off its monopolistic demeanour in the search engine market, Microsoft roped in political strategist, Mark Penn. Penn, responsible for ousting enemies of the likes of the Clintons, is currently the Corporate Vice President for Strategic and Special Projects at Microsoft Corporation.

Often called the ‘Brawler’ by the media, Penn devised an ad campaign that makes Google take full offence for their new initiative, ‘Google Shopping’ where paid product listings pop up as search results. The campaign- ‘Scroogled’ is a website where Microsoft uses the signatory Google colours to warn customers off the initiative and urges them to try its Bing for honest results.

Showing excerpts from the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of Google Commerce which say that Google Shopping will exclude members who do not ‘participate’ in the transaction, Penn has hit Google where it hurts most. In lieu of the anti-trust lawsuit that Google is facing, the search engine giant maybe heading to a gigantic downfall.

Search engine wars have been a trend on the internet with Yahoo! trying to stave off Google since 1995. Bing, overtook Yahoo! but still has a Goliath in the form of Google to beat. Microsoft is pulling out all stops to sow a doubt about Google’s unbiased search results. The ‘Don’t be evil’ preach at its inception has been attacked by the Scroogle initiative as Microsoft calls Google an “evil empire” built on a “pure commercial model.”

The SWAT-style team that Penn has assembled for the campaign includes political advisors, public relation officers and Josh Gottheimer, counsellor to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. A poll conducted by the team showed that consumers of Google where unaware of the monetary transaction and were hardly bothered by it. Microsoft warns holiday shoppers that they might not get the best merchants or prices through Google Shopping.

Penn who is of the opinion that “negative ads are, by and large, good for [our] democracy”, has put a step forward for Microsoft in the search engine war. Microsoft which already has Apple on its back will have to strive to sustain this initiative, lest it loses face among millions of internet users.

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Arguing about pseudoscience: a useful analogy

How do you explain pseudoscience? If you’re a rational person , chances are you’d encounter someone who would tell you something which he claims to be scientific but it clearly is not, worse the person would believe that his claims are well documented and supported by ‘science’ hence the term ‘pseudo-science.


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Research wolves in danger

Seven collared wolves from Yellowstone National Park have been killed by hunters this month, severely affecting park’s wolf research program.  Though the wolves were removed from federal endangered species list in May 2011, they are great concern to both hunters and biologist since they provide key data helping explain  certain herds of elks.


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Ice and organic matter detected on Mercury. planet where the temperature reaches a scorching 426 degree Celsius during the day might seem like the last place where one would find ice. However, NASA’s Messenger space craft has found not only that, it has also found traces of organic matter on the planet closest to the Sun.

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The ‘Phablet’ age, Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Mobiles have come up with their latest sensational gadget, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

At 39,990 INR, this 9.4mm thick marvel is not only a phone but a tablet as well. Weighing a pocket-sagging 168g, the Note 2 runs on an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and works extraordinarily fast as compared to its predecessor.

Even though the massive size is a drawback, the device looks to takes over the market with an 8-megapixel camera and 64 GB in-built memory plus a micro-SD card. With a tagline, ‘Inspired by nature,’ Samsung’s latest curvy gizmo is a treat to Android lovers and Tech freaks all over the world.


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Android 4.2 bug to be fixed soon, promises Google

Android Central

To be fixed….soon.

Google has promised to fix the “Christmas” month glitch. Apparently a software flaw was found  in Google’s  new Android Jelly Bean 4.2 ,which was unveiled last month. It caused ” December” to be deleted from the date selector in its “People” app, which stores contact information like friends’ birthdays. However, the time needed to fix the flaw is not mentioned.

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