Arguing about pseudoscience: a useful analogy

How do you explain pseudoscience? If you’re a rational person , chances are you’d encounter someone who would tell you something which he claims to be scientific but it clearly is not, worse the person would believe that his claims are well documented and supported by ‘science’ hence the term ‘pseudo-science.


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Research wolves in danger

Seven collared wolves from Yellowstone National Park have been killed by hunters this month, severely affecting park’s wolf research program.  Though the wolves were removed from federal endangered species list in May 2011, they are great concern to both hunters and biologist since they provide key data helping explain  certain herds of elks.


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Ice and organic matter detected on Mercury. planet where the temperature reaches a scorching 426 degree Celsius during the day might seem like the last place where one would find ice. However, NASA’s Messenger space craft has found not only that, it has also found traces of organic matter on the planet closest to the Sun.

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The ‘Phablet’ age, Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Mobiles have come up with their latest sensational gadget, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

At 39,990 INR, this 9.4mm thick marvel is not only a phone but a tablet as well. Weighing a pocket-sagging 168g, the Note 2 runs on an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and works extraordinarily fast as compared to its predecessor.

Even though the massive size is a drawback, the device looks to takes over the market with an 8-megapixel camera and 64 GB in-built memory plus a micro-SD card. With a tagline, ‘Inspired by nature,’ Samsung’s latest curvy gizmo is a treat to Android lovers and Tech freaks all over the world.


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Android 4.2 bug to be fixed soon, promises Google

Android Central

To be fixed….soon.

Google has promised to fix the “Christmas” month glitch. Apparently a software flaw was found  in Google’s  new Android Jelly Bean 4.2 ,which was unveiled last month. It caused ” December” to be deleted from the date selector in its “People” app, which stores contact information like friends’ birthdays. However, the time needed to fix the flaw is not mentioned.

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Unwrap gift cards with Skype’s latest launch!

Living away from home and not sure what to gift your loved ones? Fret not, because this festive season, the makers at Skype are giving users more reasons to celebrate. The popular Internet-based audio and video chat service has launched both virtual and physical gift cards worth $10 – some of which are already up for sale online and in stores.

Skype Gift Cards are now available in 44 countries.

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