Centre claims to have proof of Rohingya’s link with Pakistan-based terror groups

The Narendra Modi government reportedly has proof that establishes the alleged link of Rohingyas to various Pakistan-based terror groups, thus claiming that their continued presence in the country poses a threat to national security.

In the Centre’s report to the Supreme Court, they stated that “many of the Rohingya refugees” were suspected to have links with Pakistan’s ISI, the Islamic State (ISIS) group and other terrorist groups in support of their claim.

The Rohingyas are stateless Indo-Aryans from Myanmar’s Rakhine state and are classified as one of the worst persecuted minority communities in the world. Myanmar Government does not give them citizen status and at present India is home to nearly 40,000 members of the community who have entered the country in batches through breaches in the Indo-Myanmar and Indo-Bangladesh border since 2012-13.

According to DNA, a confidential report catalogs various incidents that can establish the stateless Rohingyas’ link to Pakistani terrorist organizations and other global groups like Al-Qaida.

Over 3 lakh Rohingyas have sought refuge in neighbouring countries like Bangladesh following the recent string of attacks on the community in Myanmar on August 23.

Sources: DNAIB Times

Image sources: Reuters

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