China against North Korea’s U.N. suspension call

Geneva, March 1: China insisted on maintaining calm and restraining from taking hurried steps after South Korea expressed possible suspension of North Korea from the United Nations for using the weapon of mass destruction in killing its leader’s half- brother.

According to the statement issued by Malaysian Police, two women smeared VX nerve agent, a chemical listed in the United Nation banned weapons of mass destruction, in an assault on Kim Jong Nam at the Kuala Lumpur airport on February 13.

The U.S and South Korea believe that this murder was planned by North Korea.

“Many international media pointed out that North Korea’s use of chemical weapons for the targeted killing in a third country sent a very clear message to the world,” said South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung Sethe, speaking in Geneva at a U.N. forum, reported US News. “Namely this impulsive, unpredictable, trigger-happy and brutal regime is ready and willing to strike anyone, anytime, anywhere.”

North Korea said on Tuesday it “categorically rejects” what it called “fictitious and preposterous assumptions”.

China is one of the few remaining supporters of North Korea. However, angered by the Korean nation’s recent excesses at the nuclear front, China has also supported some tough U.N sanctions. China has pushed for talks to resolve the stand-off and is playing host to the senior North Korean diplomat, Vice Foreign Minister Ri Kil Song.

The U.N. Security Council can recommend to the 193-member General Assembly – likely through the adoption of a resolution – that a state be suspended or expelled. Such a move would need to be approved by two-thirds majority of the General Assembly.

Source: US News, Reuters

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