Christmas turns bloody in Mexico, six decapitated heads found

Christmas turned bloody in Mexico when a drug-related violence claimed a number of lives in the western part of the country, with gunmen attacking a family celebration, and decapitated heads found in another part.

A statement released from Michoacan state prosecutor’s office intimated that six heads were found in the Jiquilpan, near the state of Jalisco, which has been a battleground between competing drug gangs in the recent years. The office added that the six men have not yet been identified and their bodies have not been found.

While this seemed to be a drug cartel activity; in the western region of the country, in the state of Guerrero a gunman shot a family of five, which looks like to be an act of revenge. Investigators believe that the primary motive must have been to kill one target which turned out into multiple homicides substantially.

Guerrero has been one of the hot areas of a plague of violence. which has been going on around in Mexico in recent years?

The plague of violence has claimed a large number of lives since its inception in 2006, and 28000 people have been missing till date as reported by Vatican Radio.

Radio Vatican

Mexico despite spending billions of dollars on counter drug cartel has failed to curb violence in its country. An astonishing statistic compiled by Forbes tell that the country has spent $17.2 billion till 2013 which accounts for almost 10 percent of the country’s GDP and accounts for almost twice Mexico’s international debt.


Source – The Guardian, Fox32 Chicago

Image source – Reuters

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