Deadly blast hits Kuwait during Friday prayers


The attack killed at least 13 people. PC:
The attack killed at least 13 people.

Dubai (Kuwait), July 26: A suicide bomber attack at a Kuwaiti Shia Muslim mosque killed at least thirteen people in Kuwait City during Friday prayers. The attack also targeted Imam al-Sadeq Mosque in the Sawaber district. The exact number of casualties was expected to rise, according to local media outlets, as several casualties were in critical condition.

Saad al-Ajmi, Kuwait’s former information minister, told Al Jazeera that the attack was a reminder that no country was “immune from terrorism”. Ajmi said Kuwait had “a good record” in its relationship between Sunni and Shia groups, and was a small country with good security.

Militant group ISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide attack. Kuwaiti parliament member Khalil al-Salih said worshipers were kneeling in prayer when a loud explosion ripped through, damaging the walls and ceiling. He said a suicide bomber who looked to be under 30 years of age caused the explosion and that he saw several bodies covered in blood on the floor.

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