The dire need for drug detox

Drug abuse puts a country severely at threat than anything else and the reason being the fact that it involves the youth majorly. The young minds are forced to consider drug addiction as cool even before they develop the moral sense to understand that it is far from cool, as a result of which they get into the habit at a susceptible age, spoiling not only their own future but also of the country’s.

In the past couple of days, two cases of drug trafficking have come to the notice and both of them happened in Mumbai. Given the fact that most of the times drugs are sourced from foreign countries and majorly from the African countries so what is needed at this hour is to strengthen the laws of the country.

Recently, Manjit Khan was arrested by Mumbai police with 4.1. gms of heroin outside a school. Responding to the incident, the principal of the school has promised strict vigilance henceforth in and out of the school. But the fact that it has happened and that too outside a school is very upsetting. In another incident, a Nigerian national was held outside a hotel in Mumbai with 10gms of cocaine.

In a statement last month, Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi suggested legalising marijuana but only for medical purposes. According to her, the reason United States is able to control drug abuse in the country is because marijuana is legal there. She also added that considering the literacy rate of the country, she wouldn’t want drugs to be legalised instead she would like to have de-addiction centres installed around railway stations as people especially children there are driven towards drug abuse. According to a national survey conducted by the Ministry of Social Justice in collaboration with AIIMS, drugs are easily available outside schools and colleges, exactly the places where youths are present in a large population.

Monitoring the drug abuse is necessary and what is even more necessary is to educate youth about the harmful impacts of it. It is fine to set up de-addiction centres but what’s the use of first letting people get into the habit and then trying to make them get out of it.

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