Elon Musk takes advice of a fifth-grader

Taking advice of a fifth-grader on Twitter, Tesla’s founder Elon Musk announced that Tesla will host homemade advertisement competition.

The letter was sent to Musk online by fifth-grader girl named Bria through her father’s account. She said, “I have noticed that you do not advertise, but many people make homemade commercials for Telsa and some of them are very good. I think that you should run a competition on who can make the best homemade Tesla commercial and the winners will get their commercial aired.” She further suggested that the winners could walk away with either a year of free Supercharging or Tesla’s Model 3 Easter egg.

Tesla company specializes in electric cars, batteries and solar power has been notoriously abstained itself from traditional advertising and commercial approach. Musk’s affirmative reply to Bria’s letter could see Tesla partnering with innovative homemade commercials.

Bria expressed in her letter that she is one of the biggest admirers of Tesla and hopes to become a politician in future in order to save the environment.

Despite the lack of advertising, Tesla has a very strong online presence. The official Tesla Twitter account has 1.3 million followers and its Reddit forum has around 74,000 followers.

News Source: NDTV, Economic Times

Image Source: Reuters

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