Guinea declared Ebola free

The World Health Organisation (WHO), declared Guinea as an Ebola free nation, two years after the ruinous disease struck the nation. A country is considered free of human to human transmissions of a disease, once two cycles of 21 day incubation periods have passed without further cases. Also, the last recorded case is required to prove negative for the second time.

The government and local authorities on Wednesday will celebrate the declaration. During the ceremony, respects will be paid to the 115 health workers who lost their lives  fighting Ebola. In addition, a tribute will be paid to the eight Ebola awareness volunteers who were killed by hostile locals at Womey.

The declaration was received with mixed reactions as the hemorrhagic fever took the lives of nearly 2500 citizens. It created a scenario where, according to the UN, 6220 children in Guinea lost either one or both parents to Ebola.Fanta Oulen Camara, employee at Doctors Without Borders said, “Several of my family are dead. This situation has shown us how much we must fight for those who are survivors”.

The epidemic was a large factor in slowing down the nation’s economic progress. In order to combat health issues, President Alpha Conde doubled the health budget since his electoral victory in November.

Liberia remains the only nation battling the disease since Sierra Leone was declared free of Ebola in November.

Sources: ReutersAl-Jazeera

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