Gunman kills ex-wife, son among others on New Year’s Eve


BRAZIL : A gunman killed 11 people and injured 3 others on New Year’s Eve in a mass assault few minutes before midnight. The shooting happened in Campinas city, located 100 km northwest of Sao Paulo,a major metropolis in Brazil.

The gunman identified as 46-year-old Sidnei Ramis de Araújo killed his ex-wife Ismara Filier and 10-year-old son João Victor before shooting himself in the head. He jumped over a fence surrounding Filier’s aunt’s house where the party was happening, armed with a 9 mm pistol, two additional clips, extra ammunition, knife and unused homemade explosives.

Araújo first shot Filier’s brother and then went on to shoot the rest of the guests at the gathering. He chased down his ex-wife and son, who had fled to a bedroom amidst all the violence.He first shot Filier in front of the child and then killed him as well.

A teenager who survived the attack by hiding in one of the bathrooms informed the police of the shooting. Three others are battling their injuries at a hospital, police said.

Araújo, who was a lab technician, had been fighting a bitter custody battle with his former wife.  He blamed her for not letting him meet their son and this could have been the reason why he killed them. According to the police, he had possibly planned to take advantage of the New Year Eve’s commotion to disguise the shooting.

While, gun deaths in heists, holdups and face-offs between the police and drug gangs and other criminals are common in Brazil, targeted mass shootings are rare.

SOURCES – Reuters, The Sun

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