Hurricane Irma kills at least 10 in Caribbean as Florida braces for hit

Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic hurricane, killed at least ten people on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin and left Barbuda devastated on Thursday.

The hurricane caused a great destruction in several islands, including Barbuda, St. Martin and the British Virgin Island. Florida is on high alert and is braced for a possible direct hit from Saturday. Evacuation orders have been issued in parts of Miami and the Florida keys.

According to United Nations up to 37 million people could be affected by Irma, the category five hurricane. Irma, which is approximately 450 miles wide, has sustained winds of at least 180 mph for a longer period of time than any other Atlantic storm on record.

Rick Scott, the Florida governor said that Irma could be more devastating than Hurricane Andrew that struck the state in 1992, a Category 5 storm, which still ranks as one of the costliest ever in the history of the United States.

The head of the US emergency said that Irma will have a devastating impact when it slams into southern coastal areas of the United States.


Sources: The Telegraph, CNBC

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