Iftar in Pune’s Cantonment Area

{Photos: Violet Vaz}

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As the sun sets on Pune and the muezzin’s call for the evening prayer rings out signifying the end of the day’s fast, the party begins in Camp situated in the heart of Pune city.
The Streets of Camp come alive with the sights, smells and sounds during the month of Ramadan. It’s fascinating to watch small stalls come alive in every street and lane, lit up by yellow flood lamps selling mouth watering delicacies.
Those who love food should come and indulge in the tandoori, beef dalcha, chicken kadi ghost, mutton rashid and treat themselves to a variety of faludas and kheer.
When in Camp, surrender yourself to your senses and you won’t be disappointed.

Published by

Violet Vaz

I'm 21, from the vibrant city of Pune, currently pursuing my masters degree in Mass Communications.I'm a big movie buff, couch philosopher , animal lover and a die-hard lover of chocolates. My interests include photography, painting on canvas and traveling. I aspire for a career in print journalism.

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