India wins the moral battle says Lt. General DS Hooda

The Indian Army was wary of Pakistan retaliating after the special forces conducted the surgical strikes last year in September.

The commander of the northern army, Lieutenant General DS Hooda led the surgical strike and spoke to Indian Express about the triumph.

He said, ‘ Broadly what happened was that we went across the Line of Control at multiple places under Pakistan’s Corps and caught them by total surprise. This was so embarrassing to the Pakistan Army, that their immediate response was denial.

The army denied any leaves to their soldiers, they began anticipating where India could strike next, and amateurish attempts were made to hide that, in fact, they were napping.’ 

 He also said that the Army in Kashmir is a realist. The goal of the strike was not to finish infiltration or terrorism in Kashmir, it was about our blatant response to Pakistan. Our soldiers were too impacted positively. The Uri garrison was a setback. They needed to know that the loss of lives will not go unpunished. 

On asking, if situations call for, can another strike happen? Lt. General said a resounding yes. He says that in some way the glass ceiling has been shattered. The men have gained a tremendous amount of confidence in their ability to play in a complex operation.  

Image source: HT File Photo

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