Landline call tariffs to become cheaper

Image courtesy:  IBNLIVE.COM
Image courtesy: IBNLIVE.COM

In order to revive the fixed line phone connections, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Monday made the decision to remove charges that a landline service provider has to pay to the other service providers for transmitting its customers’ phone calls. This will bring down the call tariffs making it user friendly for the customers.

So all calls including both landline-to-landline and landline-to-mobiles will not include any interconnection charge, which was 20 paise previously.
TRAI has also made a cut in network interconnection usage charges (IUC) on calls made from mobile phones by 30 per cent. It is now 14 paise per call.

“To promote investment in, and adoption of, wireline networks, so that they may become an effective vehicle for the delivery of high-speed Internet in the country, the Authority has decided to prescribe FTC (fixed termination) as well as MTC (mobile termination charge) for wireline to wireless calls as zero,” said an official of TRAI after the new IUC rule was issued on Monday.

Landline connections experienced sharp decline along time back with the advent of the free incoming calls on mobile. The number of mobile users rose to 94.39 crore at the end of 2015 while the number of landline connections is only 2.7 crore.

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