Man crashes car while streaming Facebook Live video at 160/kmph

According to NDTV reports, a man in Rhode Island, USA was left seriously injured, after he crashed into a garbage truck and concrete barrier; while streaming a Facebook Live video.

State police claim that 20-year-old Onasi Olio Rojas of Pawtucket, lost control of the speeding vehicle as he weaved in and out of traffic on US Route 6 in Providence. Onasi Rojas’s Facebook page contains the video that was posted and it shows him driving at speeds that exceeded 100 mph or 160 Kmph. The authenticity was confirmed by the police department to WJAR-TV.

According to the police Rojas hit the truck as it got on the highway, then crossed three lanes and hit the barrier. While rescue teams extricated from the car, traffic was backed up for at least two hours. The truck driver escaped any severe injuries.The police continue to investigate the matter and might press charges.

Image source: Metro News

Story source: NDTV

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