Massive protest in Allahabad leads to the murder of a law student

Kasgunj is a city in whereas the district headquarters of this lies in the Uttar Pradesh. In olden times of the Mughal and the British it was known as  ‘Tanay’ or ‘Khasganj’. In one of the book ‘Imperial Gazetteer of India Vol. XV’ written by  William Wilson Hunter in the year 1908 said that the  Kasganj district came in the hands of James V. Gardner  who was first the employ of the Marathas and later served the British later has said to be died in  Chhaoni, Kasganj. It is said that before him it was in the hands of his father  Colonel William Linnaeus Gardner who was said to have built his estate there after retiring from army and died in July,1835. The location of Kasgunj is  27.82°N 78.65°E. the average elevation of the place is 177 meters i.e. 580 feet. It is situated on the banks of river Kali which is in close proximity with the Himalayan foothills located in  Doab between the holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna with fertile soil.  The climate is moderate in winters and hot, dry and humid in summers. According to the last data of the 2011 census the population is 101,241 out of which there are 53,507 males and 47,734 females.

On Monday morning 12th February,2018 a 24 years old boy died in the hospital. It was said that he was thrashed by a group of men in a restaurant in Allahabad. The identity was revealed to be Dilip Saroj who was said to have gone in coma after being attacked by bricks and iron rods on Saturday. It seems an outrage has been triggered since his videos have been widely shared on social media which was shoot by a passed by. How ironic is this that they had time to shoot his video, but they could not make efforts to save him. This also tells us the negligence of the police and this also lead to the suspension of some police officers.  Akash Kulhary told“Munna Singh Chauhan, a waiter seen attacking Saroj on his head with a rod in a video, has been arrested. Restaurant owner Amit Upadhyay has been detained too. Three more accused, including a railway ticket checker named Vijay Shankar of Sultanpur, are at large.” In all this if we believe the reports the victim was said to have gone to Kalika restaurant for dinner with his friends. When after placing the order they sat on the stairs where they had an argument with Shankar who was also having dinner with his friends. This was when Saroj and his friends hit Shankar and his friends with chairs and the men were also attacked by the waiter Munna. In another statement Kulhary said “Shankar and his aides then attacked Saroj with rods and bricks.” After this incident former UP Chief Minister  Akhilesh Yadav hit on Yogi government saying that this murder proves that law and order condition in the state has worsened.

There was a massive protest in the state which leads to students shouting out slogans on the streets of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. They also stopped busses throwing stones and setting them on fire. Roitgear police were also called to control the large number of students form Allahabad University who protested who protested outside the offices of the police officers. In the video which was shoot by passer-by of Saroj where he was seen lying on the steps of the restaurant and what could be heard by the witness in the video was that “The police will show up only after he is dead.” We also came across the suspension of policemen because they were said to be patrolling in their cars just 100 meters away from the site. The police were unexplainable and it seems they are yet to contact the people who made the video. But it seems at the same time they have already contacted the waiter of the  restaurant and got his statement as mentioned.

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