After Max, another Delhi hospital faces flak for medical negligence

A second disturbing case of medical negligence by a Delhi Hospital has seen the light of day after Max Hospital’s fiasco and subsequent license termination. BKL Hospital in Karol Baug has faced severe allegations brought to attention by Neeraj Garg from Gwalior, who claimed to have lost his daughter, Deepa, due to medical negligence. He gave an incriminating statement against BKL Hospital to ANI on Sunday that revealed the hospital’s misdiagnosis of having cured the young child of Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia type 2 (CDA II).

The mourning father, Neeraj Garg’s plight was met by discourteous and dismissive behavior exhibited by the hospital when confronted with his daughter’s death. He stated, “On the recommendation of a doctor, we admitted her in the hospital. My daughter underwent a (bone marrow) transplant at the hospital in the month of November. After a few days, she fell sick, faced breathing problems and severe headache. Doctors continued to say that all this is normal.”

According to The New Indian Express, Neeraj showed ANI a bill of nearly 17 lakhs for a month-long treatment and also accused the hospital of misdirecting him in regards of the bone marrow transplant. Neeraj claimed that the hospital reinforced his trust in this surgery by declaring the procedure was in his daughter’s best interests and reinstating that they had performed it before, successfully. However, his daughter’s condition further deteriorated soon after the treatment was employed.

As per The Free Press Journal, the doctors shifted her to the ICU and indicated that the daughter had developed an infection. They continued to state that the occurings were normal, despite having to put her on a ventilator as she contacted breathing problems. Regardless, of their conclusion of her complications being normal and handing over a bill of 16 lakhs to the family, the seven-year-old succumbed to an untimely death on November 25, 2017.

Sources- Free Press Journal, The New Indian Express

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