Media insensitive: lashes out Big B


In a breaking news that was issued for the public yesterday, Big B lashed out at the media saying they have lost all humanity.  This is in light of the situation where media acted, according to him, to get the scoops when the girl who was victim to a gang rape in Delhi has been shifted from India in order to get better treatment. ” It is shocking.”, said Amithab.

Bachchan recollects the day he suffered from heart attack. When he was suffering from pain terribly , a journalist entered the ICU where he was admitted looking for exclusives. Under the Constitutional Journal of Medical Ethics, the privacy of the patient holds an important position. Media has lost all the ethics, he feels.

On several occasions he had commented on the way media works. Nonetheless there is no improvement. Bachchan prays for the speedy recovery of the girl.

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Gopika B.Nair

Voila! I am a simple 21 year old Pauciloquent from Trivandrum currently studying Journalism in Pune. Though I like to work with both my heart and head I am prejudiced to all the moralities that life could offer. . A movie freak by day and a bookworm by night, I aim to bring favorable changes to society. With a passion for traveling I aspire to set off on a journey to explore the world to learn new and fascinating things. Always a fan of unreality (part of me being resides in Winterfell Mystic Falls or even Hogwarts) and exciting truths ( because I comeback), I enjoy living every moment and capturing good moments.

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