Mumbai High Court refuses to interfere in Dahi Handi celebrations nuances

Refusing to interfere in the finer details of the Popular Dahi-Handi Festival the Bombay High Court refused to pass any orders relating to height restrictions and age limit for the event. The court stated that the referred aspects were completely under the domain of legislature and accepted the assurances of the State Government that children below 14 years will not be allowed to participate in the festival. The age limit of 14 years is covered under Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation Act) 1986 for adventure sports which the state government assured to be adhered to.The court in a humorous tone also stated that people die unexpectedly in many places like toilets and playgrounds and it is certainly not their job to look into these trivial matters.

The high court was hearing to the petitions whereby by it was stated that participation of minors as well as lack of safety measures during the event are the main cause for mishaps. Surprisingly, the High Court in 2014 had passed an order regarding the same whereby a maximum height of twenty feet for Handi Pyramids was set along with fixing minimum age of 18 years for participation in the event. The state government had challenged the order in Supreme Court who had directed the High Court to hear the petitions afresh.

News Sources- India Express, Rediff