Murud Tragedy: Last body found

A rescued student being taken to the hospital.
A rescued student being taken to the hospital

Pune: The life of 14 students and their families changed as tragedy hit them while on a trip to the Murud beach yesterday. After a 24 hour search operation, the body of the 14th student too has been recovered now. Saif Madki’s body was found after almost three hours of search operations conducted by the Indian Navy and Indian Coastal guard officials.

Almost 15 hours after the tragedy struck, the Chetak helicopter and speedboats arrived there and rescued around 13 students, out of which 10 were girls. These students belonged to MCES Abeda Inamdar College in Pune.

Around 116 students and 11 faculties from the Bsc Computer Science department had gone to Murud as a part of an annual tour conducted by the college, when tragedy struck them. Madki’s body was found almost 18 hours after the incident, while the bodies of 13 others were found yesterday itself. Six others were rescued by the officials.

The state government has announced a compensation of Rs.2 lakhs to the families of the victims. Maharashtra Governor CV Rao and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis have given their condolences and said that the incident came as a big shock to them.

Rafiya Ansari and her sister Shafiya Ansari, Sumaiya Ansari, Sheefa Kazi, Supriya Pan, Sana Shaikh, Swapnali Salgar, Sajeed Choudhary, Iftekar Shaikh, Samreen Shaikh, Mohammed Ansari, Farin Sayyed and Rajlaxmi Pandugayala are among the students who lost their lives.

According to Santosh Rajankar, an eye witness, over 100 students had come to the area with their teachers and finished their sightseeing. The students then ventured into the sea during the time of high tides, in spite of warning from the locals and teachers.  

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