Police arrest two Europeans for rigging ATMs

Two European nationals have been arrested for allegedly compromising the security of five ATMs in Bangaluru on Wednesday. According to CBI sources, they planted skimmers which are used to store card details.

“The duo brought sophisticated equipment and planted it in ATMs to gather data of as many ATM users as possible to later monetize it,” CID Director General H C Kishore Chandra said.

The accused, identified as Dan Sabin Cristian, 40 from Rome and Mare Janos, 44 from Ciorbalina who arrived in India on a tourist visa have confessed to being a part of a large gang in Europe. The both of them were earlier caught in Jamaica for a similar issue.

The cash loading staff of Kodak Mahindra bank had noticed a suspicious device inside the ATM. The bank officials did not delay in lodging a complaint with the Police. Police took immediate action and laid a trap for the thieves. As fate had it, both of them were caught retrieving a skimmer from a machine and were arrested.

The CBI has advised every customer who used the specified ATMs to draw money to change their passwords. The banks have also extended helping hands in order to safeguard the security of the customers.

“Security of customer information is of paramount importance to Citi. To the best of our understanding, there has been no compromise of any customer data due to this fraudulent activity as on date, and we shall continue to take all possible steps to safeguard our customers’ interests. We are monitoring the situation and cooperating with the law enforcement agency,” a Citibank spokesperson said.


TOI, The Indian Express

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