President Donald Trump shares US spotlight at UN Gathering with Ambassador to the United Nations

The President of United States of America, Donald Trump will take his first world stage at the United Nations this week along with his envoy Nikki Haley the public face of US foreign policy.  The diplomat says MS Haley, the then governor of South Carolina has stood out as a high-profile member of president trumps administration, out-casting the secretary of the state Mr. Rex Tillerson despite lack of experience in foreign policy.  A senior European diplomat said, for the US Nikki Haley is remarkable and someone who is very approachable and politically very assertive. Which is hard to find in the Trump administration.

Ms. Haley has a potential to take over from Mr. Tillerson at some point and can see her long-term objective is for the presidency, the diplomat said. Though Ms. Haley dismisses speculation and told Mr. Tillerson is not going anywhere and she use to work well with him.  President Trump’s speech on Tuesday at the UN General Assembly will serve as the privilege to explain his foreign policy vision expressed in his America First agenda.

News Sources- NDTV, DNA

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