President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurates “Festival of Innovations”

The President of India Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the ‘Festival of Innovations’ at  Rashtrapati Bhavan on March 4, Thursday. He also presented the ninth National Biennial Awards for Grassroots Innovations and Outstanding Traditional Knowledge. The event will take place from March 4, 2017 to March 10, 2017 with timings being 10 am to 5 pm.

Talking on the event, the President said that in the present situation, where the worldwide economy keeps on staying weak and powerless and the modern development is turning out to be more jobless in nature, even in rising economies, the Gandhian model of decentralized, circulated and enhanced advancement based endeavors is maybe the most ideal path forward to take care of the issues.

Stating that Gandhiji had for the longest time been itching to mix current science and innovation with group learning and foundations, President Mukherjee said that the previous’ message has turned out to be amazingly applicable in today’s circumstances.

“To further enrich the eco-system around inclusive innovations, we need all public and private systems around grassroots innovations to become empathetic enablers. And we need to do it, not just for India, but for the whole world,” said President Mukherjee.

The President also engaged in an interaction with the innovation scholars, artists and writers, who will be staying in Rashtrapati Bhavan and also inaugurated an Innovation Exhibition of grassroots innovators.

All visitors to the Mughal Gardens will be able to visit the Exhibition.

News Source: Business Standard, ANI

Image Source: Livemint

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