Road to Fastlane: WWE RAW Feb 27 Analysis

Only a week left for WWE pay-per-view Fastlane and the latest edition of Monday-night Raw unfolded with Goldberg’s appearance. Fans at Green Bay, Wisconsin came unglued as the WWE legend made his way to the ring and delivered a speech about his forthcoming match against WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens for the title this Sunday.

The segment was interrupted as the champion entered the arena and broached his accomplishment. “You’re next,” Owens said, mocking Goldberg’s memorable catchphrase. After a little tease, both wrestlers exited the ring and the first match of the night underwent.

Xavier Wood and Big E representing New Day got ready for a tag team match. The Shining Stars started making their way to ring, but were soon halted after a confusion in their opponent. The mishap was reminiscent to last night’s Oscars. Rusev teamed up with Jinder Mahal for the action.

The ending of the match led to the backstage where Cesaro and Sheamus spoke to each other about their loss last week. Samoa Joe appeared and faced Cesaro.

The second match came from the Cruiserweight division of WWE. Akira Tozawa faced Noam Dar accompanied by Alicia Fox. The match started with a great momentum, holding the fan’s breath till the end. Tozawa looked energised despite a loss against Brian Kendrick last week. After the match, Kendrick attack Tozawa from the back promised to bring pain at Fastlane who will team up with Noam Dar to face Tozawa and Rick Swann.

Charlotte Flair and Dana Brooke made their way to the ring. Much to fan’s despair and loud boo’s, Charlotte continued dissing WWE Women’s champion, Bayley. The mood shifted as the music hit and the ‘hugger section’ greeted the champion with a huge pop. The promo is cut by the ‘boss’ Sasha Banks and then Nia Jax’s entrance. The show goes to commercial and resumes with a tag team match. Flair paired up with Jax and Bayley and Banks were in the other corner. During the match, Dana tried to interfere but was unsuccessful after an accidental hook from Flair to her ribs.

After the match, Dana Brook received medical attention as she may have suffered a rib injury. Following this, the next match was between Luke Gallows and Big Cass. Gallow and Karl Anderson and Big Cass and Enzo face each other on Sunday at Fastlane for the WWE Tag Team championship.

The same night saw action from Sheamus against Titus O’Neel and Cesaro versus Samoa Joe.

The next stop was Seth Rollins returning from a brief knee injury after an attack by Samoa Joe three weeks back. The session hosted by Corey Graves was soon interrupted by WWE Executive and legend Triple H and Joe. Rollins cleared wide speculations about his match at Wrestlemania after challenging Triple H. “I will be at Wrestlemania,” Rollins said, giving the fans a hope for the match they dreamed since Triple H attacked Seth Rollins in a fatal-4-way elimination match which made Kevin Owens the Universal champion.

Leading to the main event, Braun Strowman along with Raw general manager gathered in the WWE ring for the contract signing at Fastlane. Strowman who is to face Roman Reigns, picked the mic and bashed Raw general manager saying “you’re no longer needed.” Foley lashed onto Strowman calling himself a legend.

Reigns entered and a brawl alongside the ring erupted. The fight continued through the crowd until Strowman connects an Irish-whip, throwing Reigns at the turnbuckle.

The show ended with Reigns lying in the ring with the broken turnbuckle and contract signed for Fastlane.

The New Day def. Rusev & Jinder Mahal
Akira Tozawa def. Noam Dar
Charlotte Flair & Nia Jax def. Bayley & Sasha Banks
Big Cass def. Luke Gallows
Sheamus def. Titus O’Neil
Big Show def. The Shining Stars
Jack Gallagher & TJ Perkins def. Neville & Tony Nese
Samoa Joe def. Cesaro


Sources- Skysports, Bleacher Report

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