Robbinson Street re-visited, Partha Dey found dead in his flat

If you are a fan of murder mysteries and horror stories and your interest somewhere includes reading and following crime stories in the newspaper, you might have had stumbled upon the bizarre horror story that originated from Robinson Street, Kolkata which had Partha Dey as the person of interest in the unsolved mystery.

To give it a short background, when police went in to investigate a regular suicide case; they weren’t very much prepared to trip upon a fully dressed skeleton of a woman on a prepared bed, two bagfuls of dog bones and a charred body of a 77-year-old man whose suicide the officers went to investigate.

Partha Dey’s body was found on February 21 under mysterious circumstances with a petrol bottle and a matchstick beside his half burnt body. The police have drawn parallels between the death of him and his father.

“When we reached the flat after receiving a complaint from neighbors this noon we found Dey’s half burnt body lying inside the bathroom. He was dead. Probably he used the petrol to commit suicide… But it’s still not confirmed. We are waiting for the post-mortem report,” said a senior police official to the PTI.

In June 2015 this entire scenario came to light only when Partha’s father Arabindo Dey was found dead in his bathroom in similar circumstances.

Since past two years after some shocking theories that failed to conclude anything about his psychology over keeping her sister’s dead body; Partha Dey according to local newspapers went into extensive amount of rehabilitation in Pavlov Hospital in Kolkata. After working for a while in the Mother House he was sent back to his flat in Watgaunge where according to the neighbors he acted normally and was accompanied by his caretaker.

It is said that after their mother’s death in 2005, the entire family including their father left their respective jobs and settled in their Robison Street house.

All of them who were at a higher rank of their respective jobs left abruptly and became isolated from the society.

Arabindo had left a note wishing Partha a good life and clarifying that no one was responsible for is death. In the case of Partha’s sister Debjani the post-mortem report found out that she had been starved to death. Upon questioning and investigation, it came to light that it was her conscious decision and Partha kept her dead body for he believed in supernatural existence. Planchet materials and notes were discovered from the house which gave an impression that Partha had noted down his conversations with her sister who had been dead six months.

One gruesome fact that came up at that time was that none of the ligaments and tendons were found in the skeleton which gave indications to the theories of cannibalism.

In the past two years, no significant advancements had been made by the police and the case was thought to be closed.

Within 12 years an entire family has been wiped out from the mortal world, it points out to the incompetency of the authorities in handling such cases. Suicide within months of getting out of the rehabilitation centre is a big pointer as of how the entire exercise could have probably failed.

Partha Dey’s Robinson Street house was sold last November for Rs 46 crore, after which he shifted to the flat in Wattguange where his dead body was found charred.

Was this a case of a general suicide or was there some connection between all the deaths in the Dey family. With the current attitude of the police, we might never be able to find that out.

News Source: Zee News, Indian Express

Image Source: Zee News

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