Russian ambassador assassinated in Turkey

The killer was reportedly a policemen
The killer was reportedly a policemen

The Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov was shot dead in an art gallery in the city of Ankara.

According to local media, the attacker was believed to be a Turkish police officer.

Karlov died at the scene, which was later confirmed by the Russian foreign ministry, RIA Novosti reported.He was in the middle of delivering a speech at the photo exhibit when he had been shot.

The act was caught in a video footage where the killer was seen standing right behind the ambassador before he fired. He also reportedly shouted in Arabic: “We are the one who pledged allegiance to Muhammad, to wage jihad.”

The building had been surrounded by special forces soon after the shooting.
According to CNN Turk, the attacker had used a Police ID to enter the gallery.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called an urgent meeting with his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, and the heads of the security services to discuss the issue.

Russia and Turkey have been rivals in the Syrian conflict. Turkey is a staunch opponent of President Bashar al-Assad while Russia supports the leader.

SOURCES: The Guardian, The Independent

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