SC extends Madras HC stay on cattle trade rules

The Supreme Court on Tuesday has ordered a nationwide stay on the Narendra Modi government’s ban of slaughtering cattle for trade.

According to the Hindustan times, the order from the apex court came after the Centre told the court that the public protests across the country had forced the government to rethink the rules of the ban. Additional Solicitor General P S Narsimha had requested the court to not issue any order since the rules were being examined by the government and they would be notified of the changes by the end of August.

However, the Supreme Court on extending the stay given by he Madras High Court said that livelihoods cannot be subjected to uncertainties and the new rules can be notified but the current rules’ operation for the entire country will stay.

Due to the protests all over the country by the state governments of Kerala and West Bengal, the government is forced to rethink its policy. This brings a big sigh of relief for the cattle traders whose livelihood had been affected extensively.

What remains to be seen is what kind of changes does the government bring to the policy and it’s implications.

Sources: Indian Express, India Today

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