Shahrukh Khan’s Alibaug property under Benami Act


Photo caption – Shah Rukh Khan allegedly used land bought for an agricultural purpose for his personal use.
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Shahrukh Khan’s farmhouse, Deja Vu Farms in Alibaug has been labeled as ‘Benami’ property by the Income Tax department. A report has been filed against the property before the adjudication authority. Khan is required to answer to this report within 90 days. This notice was issued under Section 24 of the Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act (PBPT) in December. If the investigation proves that the property is attached to Benani, the act entails the IT authorities to file criminal charges against the accused. This will make him liable for seven years of imprisonment and pay 25 % of the property’s cost. As per PBPT, a transaction is benami when a property is transferred to one person for a consideration paid by another person.

The property is worth Rs 147 million and spans about 19,500 square ft. The major allegation against Khan is that he purchased this agricultural land claiming that it’s for farming purposes. But instead, he built a private farmhouse in the area.

Reports from The Times of India stated that the Déjà vu Farms Pvt. Ltd was integrated into the website of the Registrar of Companies on December 29, 2004. And the directors mentioned were Ramesh Chhiba and Savita Chhiba, Namita Chhiba, who are Khan’s father-in-law, mother-in-law and sister-in-law respectively.

According to NDTV, in the place of an agricultural land, Khan erected a luxurious bungalow with a helipad, swimming pool and attached his property limits to a nearby beach. The IT officials stated that an unsecured loan of Rs 8.5 crore was given by Khan to Deja Vu Farms. It has also been found that the farmhouse has violated the CRZ (Coastal Regulation Zone) rules.

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