Sikh man shot by a stranger in the US

A week after Hyderabad trainee killing, a 39- year-old Sikh man in the United States was injured, as an unidentified person shot him. It was reported that the alleged shouted, “Go back to your own country.”

The victim has been identified as Deep Rai.

According to the Seattle Times, on Friday, Rai the resident of Kent in the Washington state was busy working on his vehicle outside his home when this stranger approached him.

Kent police mentioned that an argument had started between these two people. In addition, the victim said that the suspect made the statement in effect of the argument was, “go back to your own country.” Then the unidentified man shot him in the arm

Moreover, the victim has given the description of the shooter; he was the six-foot-tall white man and wearing a mask covering the lower half of his face.
Kent Police Chief, Ken Thomas said, the injuries are not life- threatening, but they are “treating this as a very serious incident.”
The report also mentioned, an investigation has started and Kent police have reached out to   the FBI and other “treating this as a very serious incident.”



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