More than speed; NH-4 rumblers put bar on convenience

Rumblers of Mumbai- Bangalore highway, commonly known has NH-4 near Warje area are proving to be a big nuisance for the commuters.  The moulded speed breakers installed in the area by National Highway Authority of India to slow down the traffic speed of that busy area; has complicated matters on the National Highway by leading to a few accidents between Chandani Chowk and Warje.

Civilians have been complaining about that road since past two years owing to its slow progression of work and the inconvenience caused by it, and now atop that the misery of the rumblers have been added.

The bumps have been a reason to a few accidents already since a lot of people are unaware of its existence. Ashok More a resident of Warje told the Pune Mirror “Vehicles travel at a higher speed on the highways. Because of these rumblers, drivers now have to apply sudden breaks to get the speed under control. There is a danger of vehicles ramming into each other due to this.”

Incidentally the Supreme Court in April 2016 ordered all the respective national and state authorities to remove the speed bumps on highways all across the country. This order had come after a data compiled in the Road Accident Report that there had been 6672 cases of death due to humps potholes and speed breakers.

On questioning the NHAI, the authority defended its move by stating that it had sought all prior permissions to make the structure and had also took precautionary measures before the installation.

Inspector S D Ptil, in charge of Warje traffic division told Pune Mirror that they granted permission as there was diversion in the stretch and after the work is complete the speed breakers will be removed.



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