PCB Survey: 73 ‘dilapidated and unsafe’ structures in Pune

A survey conducted by the Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) found that 73 ‘dilapidated and unsafe’ buildings in many areas. As per Section 297 of the Cantonment Act, 2006, such surveys are done every year during monsoon to identify the dangerous buildings in Pune.

 Dr. D N Yadav told Indian Express that they issued the eviction notices to the resident who still resides in six such dingy structures and there are approximately 3000 properties in the PCB area.

He further informed, While ward wise surveys are undertaken, the authorities are also intimated by locals about such crumbling structures. Time and again notices have been issued but occupants refuse to vacate the structures in several cases, following which cases are filed in the court.”

 Notices were served to dilapidated properties at 1138, 1139 Saifee Lane, 770 Taboot Street, 1192 Shimpi Ali, 1936 Dwayer Lane and others at Kedari Road by the engineering department.

 Most of the unsafe buildings are in Ward 1, which includes part of  Boottee Street, Dastur Meher Road and a part of Sachapir Street; Ward 2, which includes  J J Garden, old Modikhana, Taboot Street and Meher Mohalla and Ward 3, which has areas like Bhimpura Lane, Centre Street , V P Street and a part of Shimpi Ali.

 In many cases, there were legal disputes between the tenant and owner, due to which no repair work could take place. This posed a risk not only for people staying at such places but also for the adjacent buildings.

Sources: Indian Express

Image Source: TOI