95 killed and 158 injured in a bomb blast in Kabul

At least 95 people have been killed and 158 wounded after a bomb hidden in an ambulance exploded in Kabul on Saturday.

The bomb blew up near the foreign embassies and government buildings at around 12.15 pm local time.

The streets were busy at the time of the explosion as Saturday is a working day in Afghanistan. According to Sediqullah Popalzai, a national security official, the number of women and children being killed or wounded is high as they were standing outside the passport department at the time of the explosion. “Dead bodies which were near the ambulance were unidentifiable. There were shattered bodies everywhere. It was a very tragic and devastating scene,” he said.

Mirwais Yasini, a member of parliament, who was near the incident area when the bomb blew up, said that the ambulance blew after reaching the checkpoint. The checkpoint is close to the High Peace Council and several foreign embassies

The Taliban have claimed the responsibility for the blast. The blast came just a week after an attack on the intercontinental Hotel in Kabul which killed more than 20 people.

Sources: RTE,Independent

5 killed and 10 wounded in Kabul suicide attack

A suicide attacker blew himself up during the security operation against illegal drugs and alcohol deals in the Afghan capital, Kabul, causing casualties among the security personnel. A Reuter’s reporter claimed that four police vehicles are seen leaving the scene in an area of the city not far from the US Embassy and other foreign missions with dead or wounded security personnel.

A security officer at the scene confirmed the explosion was caused by a suicide attack. Basir Mujahid, Kabul police spokesman said, at least five police officials were killed and 10 wounded but he said casualties’ number might vary. There is no official confirmation, yet police officers at the scene said that the bomber was wearing police or army uniform and had approached the security personnel group near where the controls on illegal drugs and alcohol had been carried out. 

“Kabul police force was present when a suicide bomber approached them and detonated his suicide vest, they could have stopped it from the tragedy,” Mujahid said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. The attack has happened days after a suicide bomber killed 41 people and wounded more than 800 at a Shi’ite cultural center in Kabul.

Sources – Hindustan Times, The Independent

Pakistan affirms suspending visits , talks with the US

Pakistan has suspended bilateral visits and talks with the US as a form of protest against Donald Trump’s speech.During his speech, Trump had reprimanded Islamabad while proposing another strategy on Afghanistan.
This was expressed by foreign minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif amid an in-camera session in the Senate on Monday.
As quoted by sources, Asif, as an immediate response had postponed his ministerial visit Washington. Likewise, he also added that the US Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Alice Well’s tour had also been put off.

During an exchange with” Nation”, Pakistani officials revealed that

the nation is not likely to take part in any open converses with Washington before head administrator Shahid Abbasi’s visit to the US for the United Nations General Assembly session. The session is scheduled for the next month.
Pakistan’s Senate has constituted a unique advisory group that will outline its response to what it believes is “bullying on part of the US”.
Besides, Pakistan is also sore at Trump for envisaging a major role for India towards ensuring peace in Afghanistan.
Asif told the senate that the country “envisaged no military role for India in Afghanistan.”He further added, “that India would not be allowed to use Afghan soil to destabilise Pakistan.”