North Korea Fires an Intercontinental ballistic Missile

North Korea fired an Intercontinental ballistic missile that landed close to Japan this morning. According to the South Korean Military, the missile flew higher than any of the earlier efforts made by North Korea, reaching an altitude of around 4,500 km and distance of 960 km before splashing down in the water, nearly 621 miles from the launch site off the coast of Japan.

According to Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong Un after the launch said that North Korea has finally realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force. After the Launch, the US President, Donald Trump told the reporters at the white house that US will handle the situation.

Sinzo Abe, the President of Japan has described the launch as an intolerable and violent act. Geng Shuang, the Foreign Ministry spokesman of China has considered the test as the matter of a great concern and has called for peaceful talks to solve the crisis.

It was the first ballistic missile test from North Korea since it fired a missile over Japan on 15th September.

Sources: The Guardian, CNN

Antonio Guterres convenes a political solution for North Korea

North Korea is becoming an increasing threat to the global community in the wake of the persistent ballistic missile tests in Pyongyang.

On Thursday the UN Secretary Antonio Guterres has called for a political solution to clamp down on the violence and growing political tensions between North Korea and the rest of the world.

“The solution can only be political. Military action could cause devastation on a scale that would take generations to overcome,” Guterres told reporters at a news conference at the UN headquarters in New York as reported in the Times of India.

North Korea will be forced to comply with its international obligations, Guterres added as he called upon all the member nations to see to its implementation. This comes amidst a unanimous agreement and implementation of a new resolution by the Security Council, thus sending a clear warning to North Korea.

However, Nicholas Burns, an eminent American think tank believes this resolution is not enough for the North Korea and that they might not budge from their current political ideologies and plans.

“We are in a new and dangerous phase of the crisis” Burns said as reported in the Times of India.

Sources: The Hindu, TOI

Image Source: AFP